Pinky update…

Very moved to receive these words this morning from Mark and Becky in Tanzania:

“I want to tell you that you have done a truly wonderful, inspirational thing. Having seen what is going on on the ground in Berega, having seen mothers with babies wrapped in pink blankets, and having spoken to lots of people, I want to let you know that you have done has made a huge difference to a great many people’s lives. It’s clear that not only have the blankets helped save babies lives, but that there is an overwhelming sense of gratitude from people there that someone out there cares about what happens to them. So so many people came to thank me personally for your efforts and the work of WAW. It has been truly humbling.”

Isn’t that the best feeling? This is just one place out of dozens of places around the world who have received our blankets, hand stitched with love and dedication, knitted with our determination over the last 3 years. We knew it could be done…from anti-nuclear protest, to blankets of love, connecting women around the world. Happy Monday, my dear friends. Together we are stronger. 

One Year On (nearly….)

Well hello, how are you? Just when you thought your world had returned to normal colours, like blue, and green and grey and brown….THE PINK IS BACK!! Ah ha. I want to give you an update, although you clever bods following us on Facebook may already be in the know.

We have all spent the winter months un joining the scarf of wonder – permission to show off: did you remember that it was WAY OVER 7 MILES – happy skippy dance. How clever were we in the end hey? So, CND and other fab groups took loads of scarf home with them, and I took truck loads too. And the un picking began. 

Since then newly repurposed blankets, as promised, have been going out all over the place, both here in the U.K and abroad. I don’t have a full list of exactly where, but Syria, Jordan and Tanzania are definites, as well as Women’s Refuges, homeless shelters, and Asylum Centres closer to home. Hurrah.

This weekend 1100 baby blankets have made their way up into the Morogoro Mountains in Tanzania to Berega Hospital, where there is huge need for blankets. Many of the premature babies die of cold, it is much colder up there, and there is a brilliant project called Knitz Tanzania already supporting it. They have helped us arrange getting the blankets over there, and two WAW volunteers are there to roll their sleeves up and see whats going on. Exciting days. 

I will post more pics here as they come in. If any of you have stories of where your groups blankets ended up, and especially if you have photos, then do please email them to me at (this is the one I check regularly) – it would be good to know how its all going.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone who has helped with the blanket making – awesome work! And please know that I am still filled with awe and wonder at what we achieved, of all the love stitched into these pieces that are now on their onward journey, wherever that may be. 

In Peace

Jaine Rose 

What a day!

There is really no way to put into words how I am feeling about yesterday, the hugeness of it all hasn’t settled in me yet – it was beyond amazing, pink and beautiful! The skies were blue (a window in a weekend of torrential rain) and everyone just smiled and shone as we rolled out a truly beautiful symbol of our need for Peace, for change, for Love without boundary or border. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and Wool Against Weapons – whether you made it there to Aldermaston and Burghfield by hook or by crook, or whether you have knitted a piece of our scarf – I am truly, putting my hand on my heart, and saying “I couldn’t have done it without you”. 

The BBC South news featured us (scroll down for a link to this, its up for another day), and there are many, many pictures rolling in. 

Check out our growing photo album on Flicker here:

Check out our Facebook page for news updates, photos and everyone’s feedback here:

There is a great little film here to give you a flavour of the day, made by Action AWE:

There will be more photos, more films and also a speeded up film of the whole 7 miles of scarf to make you smile even more widely, so keep checking in with us. Soon the fantastic and big job of making our scarf into a blanket will begin, and any donations to help us with the transportion of these blankety beauties would be so gratefully received. Donate button on the right!

Big hugs and love to you awesome woolly activists out there… in awe of you all!

Photo credit: Emma Green at Orange Milestone



Yahoodie amigos….just swinging by quickly, from the Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp to break the news – we did it – all seven glorious pink miles of rewoolution! Will be back soon, I promise, but until then, here’s a little taster…..


One Day left……

Well, we are packed and ready to go……the weather looks like it may be kind (thank you for special prayers and spells, yay!) and so we shall see you at Aldermaston….I will try and post up pics during the day if I can, or swing by Sunday night to tune in to the madness….

this is Jaine Rose, Princess Pink (although not for much longer) saying “OVER AND OUT”…..

2 Days and Counting….

Well this is our final countdown day, as tomorrow we will be off to Aldermaston  

So today’s pinup person is Catrin from Lush in Chester – with massive big hugs to you for your fabulousness – and a great big cheer for Lush Campaigns and all the other Lush shops, for supporting us, arranging knit-ins, storing scarf, and of course for making our scarf pieces smell gorgeous  We love you….

3 Days and Counting….

A big thank you to Rebecca Johnson – she has many hats to wear being part of Action AWE and CND, and other brilliant organisations – for all her hard work with our campaign and being the Milestone Co-ordinator for the big day You rock sister….

4 Days and Counting…..

A countdown wouldn’t be a countdown without CND’s super cute office assistant – Che – seen here fashioning a poster and sombrero. When not answering calls on the switchboard, he is rather natty at filing and cooking a mean vegetarian paella….go Che, go… 

5 Days and Counting…..

These three Drywood boys – Charlie, Seb and Jonah have each been fab in their own ways – they have sold homemade candyfloss and given Wool Against Weapons a donation, I have a homemade pink bracelet that I’m wearing and pom poms (how are they coming along Charlie?) and of course Jonah’s massive donation from everyone when he was born. Rock on little woolly dudes…..