6 Days and Counting……

Our pinup today is Rodda from the Crown and Septre, our very fabulous local (that has just won the Cotswold Community Pub of the Year, bit like the Oscars…) – I have the most brilliant and supportive community here in Stroud – big hugs and cheering to you all xxx

9 Days and counting….

…and for your delight this morning I bring you the CND lovelies in their office, shortly before it was submerged finally in pink….
talking of which, they still desperately need help stitching scarf pieces together – 10am-6pm each day – call them on 0207 7002393, they don’t look too mad crazy to me…?! 

10 Days and Counting…..

So I thought we might have a grand countdown – sort of like the one you do on New Years Eve – (not that I’m excited or anything  ) so here is Marta from the Netherlands to kick us off (more from that rowdy pair later…..)

August 9th information

Lots of you are wanting detailed information about the BIG DAY!! Well, hop over to the “Event on Aug 9th” page where you should find everything you need. Also see the “Coach Information” page. Here is a map of where Aldermaston and Burghfield are. 

If you have any other questions either email me at jaine@woolagainstweapons.co.uk or CND at  campaigns@cnduk.org or call them on 0207 7002393

Nearing the Finishing Line!

Lots of you have been asking when the deadline is – good question, I keep asking myself that too. Well, August 9th is the obvious one. But seriously, if we were to have your pieces sent to us (Jaine in Stroud, CND in London, or certain Lush stores – so far: Birmingham, Brighton, Chester, Oxford, Preston & Sheffield) by the end of July latest then it would just about give us enough time to stitch them into the main scarf. If you are coming on the day – and please do join us! – then bring your piece(s) with you and we will stitch it there and then! Thanks lovelies! xxx

Here is the Plan!

May 2014:


Oh yes sireeee, and they are looking goooood – please contact CND on 0207 7002393 or at enquiries@cnduk.org if you or your knitting group would like these to put up and show off with 

Now my little chicks, I want you to skip over to the Event page and marvel at the plan for August 9th – we are going to have so much fun….!!!!!

April 2014:

Scarf parcels are coming in thick and fast – I am drowning in them here in Stroud! Please send them to CND too! They are at: 162 Holloway Road, London N7 8DQ

“What will happen to the scarf after August?” Well, all the scarf pieces that you send in are being repurposed into the most amazing blankets! There will be over 2,000 of them going out to fantastic projects where they are most needed. More on this soon….but please be assured that nothing you send in will be wasted. Here’s a blanket in action (thanks Angie!)

December 2013 Newsflash!! 

Big excitement: CND have just agreed to put their full backing behind Wool Against Weapons and support us next year. There is also a date change!! The ‘big day’ will now be Saturday 9th August 2014 to come in line with Nagasaki Day. I think we have plenty of time to make the changes in our diaries, and spread the word! 

November 2013 Update! 

Howdy knitters….the plan of pinkness is in full swing and our Peace Scarf is growing daily – take a look at “The Scarf Grows” page to see some of the gorgeous pieces being sent in. We are really not sure how long it is, but we know that hundreds of you are joining in, all over the globe, and that there are going to be some fantastic blankets produced after the protest. We still needs lots more pieces! So tell all your friends……


Well hello world….and hello stitchers! Here is my long awaited plan!

I am Jaine Rose, and I would like to share with you my thoughts on knitting to world domination launching a crazy and rather wonderful direct action protest involving 7 miles of pink wool. Interested? Then read on…..

Back in October 2012 I hatched a plan with Angie Zelter from Action AWE to get a huge crowd of knitters and crocheters together to knit a massive, and I mean SUPER LONG knitted Peace Scarf  to run between the Women’s Peace Camp at Aldermaston and Burghfield (the other Nuclear Weapons Establishment site) in Berkshire. It will be one big old woolly protest against the U.K’s ongoing involvement with nuclear weapons, and the money our Government is intending to spend in 2016. There’s a lot more about the WHY? of this idea on my ‘About’ page. 

Suffice to say, this is what I intend to do! I need gazillions of women, men, children, pets, to dust down their needles and hooks and get cracking on my mad and very long scarf. Yes, you did hear me say 7 MILES!! Crazy huh?

Then in August 2014 we will unroll this beautiful woolly scarf, and have a day of fun and funky guerrilla wool-fare as we yarn bomb the route between these two sites. More of that to come in a bit.

So are you in? Are you? Please see the ‘How to Join In’ page, and if you are up for it, drop me a line to say ‘howdy’ – my details are on the contacts page.

After we have finished, the scarf will be taken down and re-purposed in to blankets for local hospices, emergency areas and war zones. Nothing wasted.