One Year On (nearly….)

Well hello, how are you? Just when you thought your world had returned to normal colours, like blue, and green and grey and brown….THE PINK IS BACK!! Ah ha. I want to give you an update, although you clever bods following us on Facebook may already be in the know.

We have all spent the winter months un joining the scarf of wonder – permission to show off: did you remember that it was WAY OVER 7 MILES – happy skippy dance. How clever were we in the end hey? So, CND and other fab groups took loads of scarf home with them, and I took truck loads too. And the un picking began. 

Since then newly repurposed blankets, as promised, have been going out all over the place, both here in the U.K and abroad. I don’t have a full list of exactly where, but Syria, Jordan and Tanzania are definites, as well as Women’s Refuges, homeless shelters, and Asylum Centres closer to home. Hurrah.

This weekend 1100 baby blankets have made their way up into the Morogoro Mountains in Tanzania to Berega Hospital, where there is huge need for blankets. Many of the premature babies die of cold, it is much colder up there, and there is a brilliant project called Knitz Tanzania already supporting it. They have helped us arrange getting the blankets over there, and two WAW volunteers are there to roll their sleeves up and see whats going on. Exciting days. 

I will post more pics here as they come in. If any of you have stories of where your groups blankets ended up, and especially if you have photos, then do please email them to me at (this is the one I check regularly) – it would be good to know how its all going.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone who has helped with the blanket making – awesome work! And please know that I am still filled with awe and wonder at what we achieved, of all the love stitched into these pieces that are now on their onward journey, wherever that may be. 

In Peace

Jaine Rose 

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