Pinky update…

Very moved to receive these words this morning from Mark and Becky in Tanzania:

“I want to tell you that you have done a truly wonderful, inspirational thing. Having seen what is going on on the ground in Berega, having seen mothers with babies wrapped in pink blankets, and having spoken to lots of people, I want to let you know that you have done has made a huge difference to a great many people’s lives. It’s clear that not only have the blankets helped save babies lives, but that there is an overwhelming sense of gratitude from people there that someone out there cares about what happens to them. So so many people came to thank me personally for your efforts and the work of WAW. It has been truly humbling.”

Isn’t that the best feeling? This is just one place out of dozens of places around the world who have received our blankets, hand stitched with love and dedication, knitted with our determination over the last 3 years. We knew it could be done…from anti-nuclear protest, to blankets of love, connecting women around the world. Happy Monday, my dear friends. Together we are stronger. 

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