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Yarn Bomb, not real Bombs!

Wool Against Weapons – anti war grassroots campaign –  will unroll a 7 mile long knitted Peace Scarf in pink – to draw attention to the Governments proposed £120bn spend to renew Trident, in what will be the biggest anti war demo in recent years.

Thousands of knitters have been joining in from all over the world, in what has been a truly International effort to produce over 11,000 meters of scarf. This will be unrolled between AWE Aldermaston and AWE Burghfield on August 9th 2014. 

The scarf will then be repurposed into blankets which will be used for humanitarian aid, including projects in Tanzania, Uganda, Syria, and the U.K. 

Wool Against Weapons is supported by CND, Action AWE and Lush Campaigns. 

For a bit more information about Wool Against Weapons, here is a media pack:

Wool Against Weapons Media Pack

Below are some high resolution images that you may like to use.

(please feel free to use any of the images on the Wool Against Weapons website; credit to Jaine Rose)

 For more information, contact:

Luke Massey
Press & Communications Officer (CND) M: 07968 420 859


Press Officer at Action AWE

“What Would You Spend £100 billion on?” – our 14 meter long knitted banner


A length of scarf is unrolled at the Burghfield Peace Camp fast, Aug 2013


Stroud residents unroll the first lengths of pink peace scarf, Feb 2014


Beautiful pieces of scarf continue to roll in during the Spring, April 2014

Stitchers and knitters gather to join the first few hundred meters of scarf, Feb 2014

Wool Against Weapons is supported by Lush Campaigns


“Imagine All the People” – an 11 meter long knitted banner

Knit-ins happen up and down the country, July 2014

Mountains of wool is sent in over the two year campaign

Wool Against Weapons pops up everywhere including Farmers Markets

Teenagers take to London with their Wool Against Weapons banner “Pom Poms not Bombs!”, July 2014


Singing for Peace, lots of Community Choirs join in the protest

Jaine Rose, founder of Wool Against Weapons