This is my most shiny face.

Go on, ask me why I am shining it in your direction….you know you are curious….

So you guessed! Not only are you the most stupendous, stonkingly brilliant knitters – but now I need you to be even more fabulous by helping me get these scarf pieces, which will be knitted into blankets, out into the world, around the shoulders of people who most need them. 

Can you help? 

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Thank you dearest knitters, you have been truly wonderful.

Jaine xx



Right then, down to business, let’s get stitchy….

So, you have, in your possession, a pinwheel. Yahooodie. Now what?

Well, its simple really. You should have 40 meters of scarf. 40 pieces of scarf. The idea is that you, your friends, your knitting group, whoever is helping you, un-join all of the scarf pieces, lay them out and see what you have got. 

Baby blankets = 1 piece of scarf

Children’s blankets = 2 pieces of joined scarf

Adult blankets = 4 pieces of joined scarf

Here is Angie Zelter from Action AWE modelling an adult blanket. She’s such a babe….

So now the job of stitching the pieces together begins, with neat, lovely little stitches. Et Voila! You have yourself a blanket.

Action AWE and CND would like groups that have taken home scarf for re-purposing to be autonomous. In other words, you make the blankets, you get to decide where they go. If you would prefer to pass them back to Wool Against Weapons, we have some great grassroots projects that are in the process of being organised. Call me, Jaine the Pink, on 01453 751604 and we can discuss it further. 

How great does that sound?!

If you do have a project that you are supporting, Wool Against Weapons would love to hear about it, we would love to post up pictures of you stitching, handing over the blankets, seeing their onward journey. There has been so much love and generosity and faith knitted into these scarf pieces, that we need to see where they go next. Please email us pics at

Any other questions? Call CND on 0207 700 2393 or contact ActionAWE at 

Happy blanketing, clever people….let us know how it goes!