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Hey, you wouldn’t believe what is going on out there….oh yes indeedy….a whole subculture of pinky subversion, knit-ins, protests, cake and nattering. Lots of nattering about yarn, logistics, saving the world and Downton Abbey (obviously)

Here’s a peek at some of the going’s on….if you have pictures, or news, don’t be shy – hop over to the contact page and let us know…we will have it up here quicker than you can cast on your next piece….

Check out this piece in Open Democracy, pleased with this one…..

O.K, my lovelies – a bit of a special treat for you – ‘cos I am getting a little over excited here at no.27 – there’s someone that I want you to meet…..

Did anyone ever wonder how our fabulous ball of wool logo came about? We’ve seen it plastered all over the world now – well – this amazingly talented woman created it – meet Imogen 

I love her work which you can see here:

So a huge, big, shiny pink thank you to you Imogen – for your generosity of time, your patience, and for making something beautiful for us 

Big thanks to Ethika in Norwich and the team of people there who have been on fire, with all that hard work 

Tuesday lunchtime rescue package – thank you lovely Annabel, how well you know me…will keep these close at hand for Saturday. Had a tiny sip of the Cinnamon & Orange vodka (just to check it worked) and it is DELICIOUS….  xxxxx

Well, its been a real mixed bag of doodah’s today – the final offering is me blaahing on about activism to the very patient Mark Watkins on his radio show on Blast FM – fast forward to 14 mins in  Thanks for having me Mark, it was fun….desert island discs next time, ok?! Listen here! 

We’ve made it on to the BBC Newspage – whoohooo, at last! Big cheer for Hannah Tweddle from Bristol CND – great work everyone! 

Kendal Quakers got a great piece in the Westmoreland Gazette with their fantastic knitting efforts

Marta and Hanneka from the Netherlands stuffing a few more pinwheels of scarf into one of our bedrooms….

ooops, death by a Peace Scarf – sorry Marta, did we overwork you???

Leeds knitters

The Ashton Memorial in Lancaster

…and a pinwheel from Huddersfield Quakers

Hitchin Quakers rolling out their finished pieces

Chichester Quakers getting all pink and stretchy!

The Orpington WILPF garden party

The Rainbow Druid camp having the most magical time in Monmouthshire

The Millennium Bridge, Gateshead with pinky subversion – what a totally cool photo!

Tuesday evening and guess what has just arrived from Holland?? 506 meters of knitting with Marta and Hanneke  Am going to hold them captive in Stroud for a couple of days while they stitch up lots of pieces….ha ha…. (evil laugh)

Well here is a little treat for all you knitters coming on the 9th – our very own WOOL AGAINST WEAPONS SONG to learn! I know that some of you have already written, taught and performed songs for WAW, and here is another to add to that. With huge thanks to Liz Terry and Sophie for all their hard work.

Watch the tutorial here

There are 4 mini tutorials to watch and learn from on our You Tube Channel  


Knit One Purl One x6
Lay it, we lay it,
Lay that Peace Scarf down!

Wool Against Weapons we sing (repeat over while others sing:)

Every knit and purl is out of hope for the world
We made this scarf for peace
Every knit and purl is out of love for the world
Peace is what we need

So we knit and purl to protect our world
And all living things
Every knit and purl holds a vision for the world
For peace we sing

Sophie took a 21 piece of Peace Scarf created by the Leamington Threads Group and Leamington Peace Festival on a little holiday to the Rainbow Druid Camp. It almost doubled in length while we were there and we encircled our Closing Ceremony in it! Dozens of people knitted a bit from a row or two to several inches and a lot of love and enthusiasm was poured in.

Wol tagen Wapens – you are so inspiring! Take a look at what the Netherlands have done, such great pictures, and even though I can’t read the words, you kinda get the gist! 400 beautiful meters  Thanks so much everyone!

Two and a half weeks to go and Martha, Emma, Jo, Jo, and Jaine took on the scary job of backing and bordering the two amazing banners that Lorri and dedicated knitters have been working on. Measuring in at 14m and 11m this was no mean feat…..on the hottest day of the year…..

Margaret Lever of Eccles Quaker Meeting is well known for her knitting. She knits goods for sale for local charity Mustard Tree food bank, which she also supports by volunteering. She has knitted almost 80 feet of pink scarf for Wool Against Weapons. This picture shows Eccles Quakers holding up the scarf before it is rolled up to be sent off to help make up the 7 miles of pink scarf.

Emma, Leanne, Clare, Michelle, Dee and Loretta, Women without Boundaries knitting to victory!

We had a gorgeous afternoon joining up dozens and dozens of scarf pieces in Stroud – spurred on by Gail’s Pina Coladas (that well known activist cocktail)

Thank you so much to Anne C for her little parcel of “chocolate for encouragement” – oh I am encouraged Anne, I am…. 

 Bristol CND’s big join up

Swap of the day – my 17 year old deals with the latest mountain of scarf packages in return for a houseparty tonight – have I been ‘done’??? 

Our Get in Touch Group of international spouses knitting & crocheting forWool Against Weapons on a sunny afternoon .. some learned to knit or crochet for the first time and became ‘addicted’, some were new and attended our group spontaneously, some male spouses & friends had a try as well, women from all over the world joined us during the 4 sessions we organized from Indigo-Wereld @ Stichting Michaelson, in the garden of Omslag, in the TU/e Common Room and/or @ home in Eindhoven, The Netherlands .. small pieces, elaborate pieces .. personal contributions for this initiative from Corrie van Rijthoven to invite our Get in Touch group to join, organized by Carola Eijsenring (Indigo-Wereld): .. it feels great to be part of such a huge international protest action from women in so many places & countries .. 

Action in Leeds

Joining up their pieces in Lancaster

Lush had a fab time in Oxford

getting excited now….(me and my best friend)

and in Portsmouth a pink lap of glory – looks fantastic!

Protesting too in Northampton

Newcastle under Lyme with their peaceful protest

Hoping that all the Netherlands pieces will be dropped off soon….

Oh Chester, you pink pinky lovelies – looks like you had so much fun….. 

Knighton had a pretty cool time recently – you’ve seen the film, here is a photo – liking the way they have made special rolling pins for the scarf – crafty!

Just back from our stall at the Stroud Farmers Market – its happening right now – perfectly placed next to the sweetest smelling strawberries imaginable, yum. Selling coach tickets, and collecting donations for the blankets. Thanks to the two Sarahs, Martin, Margaret, Steve and others – creating masses of local interest

Iris and Emerald in Baronoldswick
Wallingford Quakers with their knitting
We have had a an interactive event during The Wool and Willow Festival in Llanidloes Powys, which is an exhibition of 30 wool and willow artists, during the whole month of June with a huge number of people being involved. The festival finishes this Saturday 28th June at 4.30 pm so if anyone wants to come along and browse the stunning exhibits or have a go at knitting something for Wool Against

Bedford Quakers Garden Party – fancy hats, cakes and wool against weapons.

Tomorrow morning: Dutch public Radio visits Omslag Werkplaats voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling and Vredesburo Eindhoven for three items about Dutch Wool against Weapons-campaign.

Thanks to Kate and friends: “We are proud of our achievement. Several of us will be there on August the 9th. Looking forward to meeting some of you there!”

…and the protest continues, this time in Worthing, thank you fab knitters! xx

I would like to introduce you a brilliant bunch of knitters from Australia, meet SAILS. Thanks Maree: 

“The knitting group goes by the name of ‘knit & natter’ and they are a group of women with an intellectual disability who attend a program called SAILS (Social, Activities, Interests, Leisure, Support) in Ballarat Australia. When they heard about the huge peace scarf they felt very excited and wanted to contribute. 

They have been knitting squares for the last few months and knowing that you need them by August have posted them off to you today. They are super excited to have their squares in the mail heading over to you. They have done the best they can but unfortunately the squares are not quite to the specification you asked for. They are hoping that there may be someone over there who can sew them together.”

Closer to home “Stitched Up” have been having a bit of a party….

Global again – this time Istanbul, and a group of ten women who are delighted to be joining us – we love having you too  xxx Thanks Gulnur!

Right, this is the third Dalek that has been knitting for us, what IS GOING ON OUT THERE???? Am I the last person to know about intergalactic subversion?

Now look you Dudley Green party – you are a mad lot aren’t you, and I have to say that at Wool Against Weapons we really rather like you…..

Will against Weapons (told you they were barmy  )

Barnoldswick have been super busy knitting and took to the town to have their own roll out, yay!

Edinburgh knitters are celebrating after a spectacular scarf roll out down the Edinburgh Mile last weekend with over 900m of scarf and 162 people – fantastic news!



Yorkshire CND were doing their rainbow thing at Fylingdales recently – cheering you on, great work!

This Sat 5th July, get yourself along to Lush in Chester for their big knit in – and they are trading pink scarf for pink products – yahoo…!!!

Prayer of Blessing by Janet Bristow

May God’s grace be upon this shawl

Warming, comforting, enfolding and embracing.

May this mantle be a safe haven…a sacred place of security and well being…

sustaining and embracing in good times as well as difficult ones.

May the one who receives this shawl be cradled in hope, kept in joy,

graced with peace

and wrapped in love.

Blessed be!

If anyone is in or near Edinburgh this weekend, please go and help Scottish Wool against Weapons roll out their enormous piece of scarf – they need lots of extra pairs of hands!

11am Edinburgh Mile

There is also going to be a scarf roll out at Wimbledon library too – Sat 28th June, 11am – please join in the fun….


Thank you Sue for your poem, fab!

The seven-mile scarf

Wool against weapons
Pink versus grey
Hands not electrons
Hundreds at home
creating their own
Not wage-slaves
stuck to smart screens
designing defence
(read attack).

Knitting therapy –
small hours , on the bus,
watching telly, poets, plays.
A thread connecting life with others unseen,
knitting pieces for peace

To stretch between weapons
Aldermaston to Burghfield
on Nagasaki Day
Making a pink point.

Nuclear weapons?
New. Clear?
No problem there.
Cast off the rest.

Sue Jones at Ruskin Hall
24 May 2014

Sighting of a Wool Against Weapons banner outside a church in Stoke Newington

Thanks Pam, great pics – so where were you guys? Thanks for all that knitting….(so can you knit Martin, or what?? Katey’s not looking fabulously impressed..!!

This was taken at Leamington Spa Peace festival – looks like a bit of a knitting tutorial was happening here….

How about this for a bit of Monday morning excitement – we have been joined by three knitters in Kenya – here they are with their pieces – how brilliant is that, all those miles away? So a big thank you ladies, sorry I don’t know your names yet but so thrilled to hear from you  Great crochet too…..

Wool against Weapons in London for the Peoples Assembly demo recently, and a knit in at Lush in Regents Street:

Mad crazy day – with brilliant people – protesting austerity cuts and supporting CND with their anti Trident message. Stroud’s Venturers rocking it with their Pom Poms not Bombs banner, and the best knit in at Lush in Regent Street….midsummer, we love you…..

Lush in Bristol had the most wonderful knit in….this is what they said:

Went really well, lots of people signed up to CND, not only did people come to knit and a kind random person turn up with wool, the local press turned up too! Just goes to show that the only good bomb is a bath bomb x

Right then, a complete ta da! moment (anyone under 20, stop snorting, I am sooooo impressed with myself) – here is the first little Wool Against Weapons film – with a huge big thank you to our very own film cutie-pie Ben  - with the promise of more to come! This was our knit pic at Prema, in Gloucestershire – take a look!

Had a bit of a time yesterday at the Peoples History Museum in Manchester – fab museum, amazing space – playing around with lengths of scarf helped by German students, oh and meeting the biggest blanket I have ever seen in my life :) Check out - you will love them!

and here’s a clip of us hurling 40 meters of scarf down the stairwell – as you do….

We have a very special thank you to put out this morning to the youngest activist in the Wool Against Weapons campaign – meet Jonah, 7 weeks old, who has raised £80 which will transport at least 150 blankets to Tanzania for the Premature Babies campaign, when the scarf is repurposed after this summer.

A big cheer for our cutest boy on the block, Mr. Gorgeous dreamy pie himself – Jonah Drywood  

(and a huge thank you to Jilly, Tom, Seb and Charlie for their generosity and creativity xxxxxx)

Another Wool Against Weapons You Tube clip for you to see – Stroud’s Green Councillor Sarah Lunnon on why we should come to Aldermaston on the 9th – thanks Sarah

Stroud’s very own community choir – The Morning Glories – run by Sheila Macbeth – serenaded us as we unrolled pink scarf in the High Street. They sang the most beautiful anti-war songs that were incredibly moving. There will be a little clip of them coming soon! Thank you to everyone involved, you looked beautiful. xxx

Lush, Oh LUSH – we do love you – thank you for supporting us (and I in return will be stocking up on bath bombs, shower gels, face creams and other lovelies – such a hardship….) – check out their page for details of up coming Knit-In’s etc:

details of Lush Campaign Knit-ins

Fab news, thanks Jane and gang!

…and on a coach between Sheffield and Waddington (are your needles actually powering the engine??? or is it your chatting??  )

An entire shop window in Settle

Sandie R is on an unstoppable roll (I have granny square envy, really I do…)

All the way from Creston, British Columbia, in Canada pink knitting is happening….

closer to home Margaret’s scarf has grown bigger than her…..

Our Quaker friends in the Netherlands hard at work – thank you…glad you had plenty of sunshine to knit in!

Two keen men, a knitting machine and a Youtube tutorial….what could possibly go wrong????

“We took our knitting out to remind the City of Portsmouth that it was Conscientious Objectors’ Day……”

 big cheers for the blockade at Burghfield and the pink knitting in action!

Thanks Shirley for organising some fab knitting at Exeter Pride last weekend – lovely smiley people – looks like you had a blast

Sheffield Knit -in – fab!! 

Hi everyone. Today we had a photoshoot of all the scarf-pieces that are ready now in Eindhoven (Netherlands). Pictures made at Omslag Werkplaats voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling and Peaceburo Vredesburo Eindhoven. The campaign is spreaded nationwide, so we expect to send more pictures from other places soon.

Our French bit of the scarf on a little road trip, love the baby boots, and the heart, and the mad knitting on the train – thanks Renate xxxx

Our knitting friends over in the U.S have had a busy Mothers Day weekend – yay for the Raging Seattle Grannies….

Thanks to Christine for nabbing the Dalek (which proves that absolutely anyone can be recruited….)

Thanks Glennie, for all your tireless campaigning, loads of love xxx

My friend Harry and his son Micah knitting; it was a real sacrifice for Micah, who has never worn that jumper because it’s too itchy, but he told me he was “wearing it for peace” that day..!

Anyone up for a Flashmob in Huddersfield on Sat. 17th May? (love flash mobbing, they feel so naughty and FUN!!!  ) 

Check out the details here:

Lovely piece in the Herald, thanks so much Janey and everyone else, sunshine and smiles  perfect!

Getting ready for the Angel in Tyneside


Marisa and friends

Barnoldswick to Stanhope

Well that is one big Angel, up close! Thanks Andrew, and thanks to all the knitters and supporters at Tyneside and Tynedale – fabulous

See the whole story here:

As well as CND’s brilliant Kate Hudson, we also have the very fabulous Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP, knitting for us and supporting us – wooohooo! Thanks Caroline, and thanks to our very own WAW superstar Holly Jackson for the pic

Orpington Branch of UK WILPF today hosted a WILPF & CND knitting/crochet event in support of Wool Against Weapons. Tea, cake and discussion – looking forward to the August 9th roll-out.

Ooooooh! Lush premiere Regent Street store is hosting a knit in this Saturday May 1st 12-5pm for all you Londoners….

Go Kate Go! Kate Hudson at CND starts a piece in her lunchbreak……

A short film by the Woodcraft Venturers in Stroud – they are knitting up a storm, and we plan to go to London in July and make a big protest outside the Houses of Parliament – these are FAB teenagers:

Elisabeth popped by this evening with 2 sections she had completed (in about 2 weeks). Pretty prolific for a 90 year old. I feel very honoured to be part of this lovely campaign.

Woohoo – knitters on Eigg (visited once, and loved it!) – very excited, thank you all xxxx

Anyone in the Birmingham area – these are great training days 
More nonviolence training coming up, this time in Birmingham; please share with any friends you have in that direction!

Thanks Ethika in Norwich for being so brilliant – do drop in and see them, and knit a few rows from their community knitting basket! They are happy to collect pieces too

Putting the pink world to rights at the Centre Lothlorien in France, thanks Marta for the pic!

Thank you Ann and Njoki for your knitting and lovely smiles – have been watching your pieces growing over the months – thanks for paying me a visit this morning


Knitting outside the MOD – go knitters go, so proud of you

WaW campaign is running well in The Netherlands. Pictures will follow soon. Here’s the public knitting-chair in the garden of Omslag Werkplaats voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling (Dutch co-initiator. And it;’s my private place as well, Crochet is far more easy en quicker.. The scarf-piece right-below was knitted by Alice. I’ve also discovered WaW-campaigns in Germany, France and Switserland!!


Join us this Friday 12-2pm for a ‘Knit-In’ @waweapons in Bradford’s Centenary Square, part of#globaldayactionagainstmilitaryspending

Just to let you know we have arranged a knit-in for WaW at the Seamstress Statute next to the City Rooms, at the market end of Market Street in Leicester 10.30 -11.30 Thursday 10th as part off Bruce Kent’s No Faith in Trident tour. Bruce will be there too. Nationally, the cosmetic firm Lush has also agreed to support the campaign so it may be worth visiting their shop in Leicester.

Four of us met at our weekly Knit-In today at The Old School Cafe, 
Hebden, near Grassington. It was very cold today but super coffee and 
great chat kept us going. The big question we get asked is “How many 
miles to go?”

Plenty of pink knitting in George Square, Glasgow this morning at SCND Scrap Trident rally to brighten up a very dreich day – thanks everyone, looks amazing!

amidst the razor wire there is pink creativity

Jeanne Jones, 84 year-old Bristol Quaker, is encouraging people to join in the Wool-Against-Weapons campaign.
Wool-Against-Weapons is planning, with our help, to link Aldermaston and Burghfield nuclear bomb factories in Berkshire with a seven mile long knitted pink scarf to at a demonstration this summer, 9th August. 
Knitted pieces, 60cm wide by 100cm long, may be handed in at:
Katze, 55 Gloucester Rd, Bristol, BS7 8AD
and The SHOP, 18/19 Christmas Steps (where pink wool may also be donated). Bristol’s contributions will be sewn together in mid July and taken to join the scarf at Aldermaston.
Jeanne says “I was sixteen years old when the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Japan, I was horrified, and I’ve been an ardent campaigner against nuclear weapons ever since. This is a wonderful outreach project, and afterwards many blankets will be created for people needing warmth in Syria and elsewhere.”
To find out more about the project visit: and
Drop-in Knitting in South Bristol
Join Hannah for a free, informal drop-in knitting session on a Friday between 11am and 1pm, a chance to exchange ideas chat, drink tea and eat cake! All levels welcome to the perfect opportunity to get knitting for Wool Against Weapons. Zion is located on Bishopsworth Rd, Bedminster Down, BS13 7JW. f.f.i.

Anyone in the Norwich area? There’s going to be a KNit In at Ethika on Saturday 5th April, 10am-5pm if you want to swing by and say howdy 

Anyone in Oxford this Monday? There is another Knit In at New Road Baptist Church in Bonn Square at 1 – 3 pm 

Spare wool and needles available – swing by and join us, we are very friendly! 

….and here we are during the last knit in! 

The Oxford group getting all knitty and knattery at the Bonn Square Baptist Church, thanks Kathleen xx

Jill putting some fluffy edges on a pinky piece at the  Wimbledon join up

More woolliness going on at Lush – thanks everyone 

…and its hotting up in Marazion, Cornwall – thanks to everyone down there – you’ve been hard at it 

Big cheer for Steven – and all the others doing the Peacewalk from the Scottish Parliament in Edinbugh to the base at Faslane. Check it out, its fab


Planning out where to drop ‘pinwheels’ of prejoined scarf along the route between Aldermaston and Burghfield – Angie and I get all intrepid on a day out…..

Get ready to squeal…..our lovely friends at Lush are supporting Wool Against Weapons – and here are some pics from a knit-in at the weekend in the Wimbledon shop :) Thanks so much London knitters….will be heading off to my own local Lush store…..

Massive thanks to the Woodcraft Venturers last night for all their enthusiasm, subversive planning and a big pink YES! to getting out into the world (both cyber and real) with our Scarf :)

Thought you’d like to see our Peaceniks from Mexico who have joined us – Hannah, Rick, Diego, Laura and Brigit – apparently the sky really was that pinky colour!

Much busyness at the Huddersfield Quaker knit in – you did have cake too didn’t you??  xxxx

Here’s a pic that came in today from Julia in Yorkshire – we met at Burghfield last year – thanks so much for all your knitting, yay!! xxx

Pretty busy at the Lancaster knit in this week
Howdy doodie to the Northern Peace board – loving what you are up to… 
Nina by her very big and very pink yarn stash that she took home to Tanzania with her….
Couple of pics of the Rainbow Hill Knit-In in Worcester – thank you for joining us!
Scottish CND, we salute you – and Rebecca Johnson is there too, on her Ban the Bomb tour, great stuff….
 And to round off a super industrious week, the Sheffield knit in – and they now have their own Facebook page too 
Hey, a newsflash for you! Cathy Jamieson, from the Scottish Labour party is knitting for us (she’s a bit of a clever knitter apparently  ) – go Cathy! Thanks for joining us..
Nice piece in the Oxford Times – you’ve been busy over there…thank you! xx
Knit on little sisters……Libby, Tilly and Connie with Glen – thanks to Emmeline for the pic 
The Big Hawkwood Join Up!
Over 360 pieces of Wool Against Weapons scarf, over 60 pairs of stitching hands, lots of cake, and a fab venue……oh we Stroudies know how to party…..
Look what I’ve been sent in the post – The Twisted Yarn by Rosemary Milne – time to snuggle up on the sofa – good book, cosy pink blanket and a hot chocolate on this cold, rainy morning….  Thanks so much Rosemary! xx
Big cheer for Sollihull Quakers who have been joining in - thanks for the pic!!
Ooooh, we are getting International these days….check out the latest Wool Against Weapons at - big thanks to all our knitters in Holland
CAN ANYONE ELSE HELP KNIT A PIECE OF OUR SPECIAL BANNER??   There will be two amazing banners displayed on the main gates (and exhibited elsewhere too). The banner we need more knitters for is “Imagine All the People” – I have simple charts here that Lorri has made – they don’t look too scary either! Thank you fab knitters xx

Busy planning the scarf route and scaring myself a bit – this is not the faint hearted all you knitters out

Nina’s piece just keeps growing and growing over in France….go Nina!

Sally’s 100 year old mum, having grabbed the knitting off her, joining Wool Against Weapons – magic

For all those Stroudie Knitters – please come and join us on Feb 23rd at Hawkwood to join up hundreds of pieces of scarf – we need you!!

Massive thanks to Andy our lovely postman and all the team – you are superstars!! 

Looks like you had such a lovely time, Portsmouth Quaker knitters  - thank you dear people down there….love the pic of the big unrolling….wait till there’s seven miles of it, ha! xxx

Thanks so much to the Stoke Quakers for their knit in  - really appreciate all your support! xxx

Action AWE nonviolent direct action training day – Leeds

8th March, 10am-5pm, at Quaker Meeting House, 188 Woodhouse Ln, Leeds LS2 9DX, UK

A day of training for taking nonviolent, direct action.

Meet new people, learn about nonviolence, tactics for blockading, legal information, working in groups, keeping calm under pressure and the campaign to end nuclear weapons production at Aldermaston and Burghfield AWE.ll welcome, no experience necessary and the training will be of use to those interested in taking nonviolent direct action with other campaigns. Bring some money or food to share for lunch! E-mail to book or for more information.

So sad to hear of the death of Roger Lloyd Pack – here he is protesting against Trident. xxx

the biggest of all news flashes!!!

woohoo! CND is onboard – so a massive thank you and lots of cheering for them! The date is now 9th August, which is also Nagasaki Day, so that works out really well. I’m told the sky will be blue and that the sun will shine all day. Clever CND, they can organise stuff like that you know……

Fab press coverage for the Knighton Knitters – it’s growing!


Sheffield knitters gathered at Bank St. Arts Centre on 9th Jan to kick off their knitting gatherings and do their bit for Wool Against Weapons. There was lots of interest including a piece on BBC Radio Sheffield. Thanks all you lovely lot!! 

There’s been some amount of friskiness over at Wolverton at the Knit, Natter and Stitch. Record numbers rocked up and rummaged through bags of pink to find exactly the right shade. Massive thanks to you all, and to Sue ‘the renegrade’ Myhill for organising! 

Celebrity news! (oh yes, we have that too, we are on the case…)

Lisa and Jaine, Wool Against Weapons very own paparazzi, met in the West End of London just before Christmas to pay a visit to the actress Sheila Hancock, long time supporter of CND and anti war protestor. She loved the campaign, did a little bit of knitting and talked about her time at Greenham and being on the original Aldermaston march in the fifties. Yay for Sheila!

Thanks to Joan for spreading the Pink Word at the Preston Green, Vegan, Environmental and Human Rights fair last month, really appreciate it!

Anne and Rene have been knitting for Peace in Kerala – love it!! 

Bryony and her daughter and Skipton Quakers had a knit in before Christmas, and Bryony’s daughter learnt to crochet, hurrah! 

Borth Community have been busy – thanks so much to everyone – and we LOVE LOVE LOVE the banner that was stitched at Women In Tune last August – all hands to the deck, with help from stitchers aged 7 to 70…..

….and MP Mark Williams looking beautifully at home with the art of commanding needles and wool (well done for giving it a go though, Mark!!)

Here is the banners first outing at Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp, in December, where it looked FANTASTIC!!!

Meanwhile, there has been some protest knitting in Donegal….big thanks to Caroline K for all she is doing over there….

BIG SCOTTISH PLAN OF PINK WOOLLINESS – READ ON!! If you live in Scotland you might want to join with others who are aiming to stretch a Scottish pink scarf down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh (yes we know we’re ambitious – we need you!) and other acts of publicity to keep the issue of Trident firmly on the agenda in the Independence debate – before bringing it down to Aldermaston in August 2014. There is a Wool Against Weapons Scotland facebook group, or if you aren’t on facebook contact Jane Lewis who will add you to the email list <>. We are hoping that knitters and crocheters will organise knit-ins locally to get more folk involved, and we will fix some sewing up dates soon. Finished scarves can be sent to: Jane Lewis, 7 Rosefield Avenue, Edinburgh, EH15 1AT

Nice blog post at Janet’s Notebook here:

40 thoughts on “Latest News!

  1. We are knitting pieces in Marazion, Cornwall. Do you want us to join them up with an obvious colour so it is easier to unpick them afterwards?
    Apologies if this has come up before.
    Love from Theresa

  2. Hi Theresa! Fantastic! Yes, could you join them in a contrasting colour, it will make it so much easier to unjoin them this autumn! How many pieces do you think you might have? I need to do some sort of a count up soon!

    Thanks for your support, power to your needles!
    Jaine xx

  3. Found my pink wools and am going to start knitting now. Hope a few knots on the back will not matter. I make stripy stretchy blankets so will do the same for this good cause

  4. I have just completed 60inches (sorry don’t know in meters )long & 13 ins
    wide >>>>in different shades of pink
    Should I continue knitting or is there a limit to how much we each should
    do I haven’t knitted for years but enjoyed doing this
    Hope its all going to be helpful
    Peace to all

    • Mary! You need to do some more knitting but there is plenty of time.
      60inches is over one and a half metres. You only needed to do one metre!
      The best plan will be to keep on going with the scarf you have and carry on till it measures just less than 80inches. Then you will have a double length.
      …….but the other scarves will be nearly twice as wide as yours.
      So, knit another scarf the same length as your first one but make it about 10inches wide.
      Sew them together to make one wide scarf and you will have the eqivalent of two sections.
      Did you get all that ? Bob’s your auntie!! not quite.

    • Hi Mary, sounds great! And yes please do carry on, that would be fantastic if you could, as we need thousands of pieces to make our 7 mile stretch. They are going to be the most wonderful blankets when they are stitched up this autumn after the protest on the 9th – am getting very excited! Every single scarf piece will be used.

      Thanks for your support!
      Jaine xx

  5. I have already knitted a couple of rows to the piece being contributed by Dorchester quakers, and I am also looking forward to knitting my own contribution, too!!

  6. Hello. I’v sent some pieces already and am making some more. Do you still need more and what is the latest date to send them . Xx

    • Hi Liz, well we are hoping to have scarf pieces in by the end of June to join up. Gathering willing joining up hands as we speak, where abouts in the UK are you?

      Jaine xx

  7. Hi, We’re all busy knitting for you in oxfordshire!!!
    I’d be happy to help with joining up,
    if you need helpers.

    • That’s great Helen, thank you so much. How many pieces do you think you will have over there approx.? It would be brilliant if you could join them up over there (loosely sewn together with a contrasting colour yarn is great) and if you are feeling like real superstars then a few of you could drive down on the day – August 9th – and we will join your bit with the rest of the scarf. Its going to be so much fun! And a bit crazy too. Does Oxfordshire do crazy – am thinking you might!! Let us know….. Jaine xx

    • Hello there Jay! Thanks so much for being in touch……OH YES PLEASE!!!! We do still need knitters, and would love you to join us if you could! You should find all the details here on the website, but let me know if you have any other questions! Best woolly wishes xxxx

  8. Only just heard about Wool Against Weapons. I’ve order the pink wool and hope I can get it knitted in time for Nagasaki Day. Love all the photos of the lovely ladies.

  9. BLANKETS to BABIES…..the next step!

    I am not a knitter but wanted to be involved, and thought maybe other people out there would help too?
    It is going to cost 50p to get each blanket to its destination in Africa, or Syria, and there are going to be alot of blankets.

    So I have paid for sending the first 100 blankets. If anyone else would like to contribute, the account number is 951819236 and the sort code is 40 63 01. If your payment methid wants the name of the account holder, It is ‘the Coventry Wool Against Weapons Savings Fund, but just ‘woolagainstweapons’ will do. And reference Blankets will do if they want a reference.

    • Thanks so much Ruth, you are amazing! So the blanket fund has begun!! Am very excited about this part of the campaign, your support is wonderful!
      Jaine xx

  10. Machynlleth Quakers are busy knitting along with a few others in the town.
    We expect to have 30+ pieces completed soon and intend to join them in contrasting wool, (royal blue?)
    How many pieces make a ‘roll’?
    One of us will be in Stroud in mid/late July to deliver our contribution – Hope that’s not too late if they are already joined.
    We’re having a great time knitting.
    Love Liza

    • Hi Liza, wow, that is truly amazing! 30+ pieces – whooopeeee! Has Tam being knitting with you?? We are putting 40 metres in a roll, so we will have a few here to join to yours. Is there anyone who could come on the day, we need lots of willing hands!! If not, a Stroud drop off would be fantastic – give me a call – I’m on 01453 751 604. Send my love (and cheering) to everyone there! Jaine xxx

  11. I knit dozens of little pink squares on all the many Bus- Pass -Journeys I make (anything larger means I prod the other passengers) Lots of interesting and productive conversations come about. Where do we take the rugs to ? I live in Stroud and missed the Hawkwood Sew Up- so do let me know of any more. Could we have a mini Pink Knitting Gathering outside the Sub Rooms soon as a sort of encouraging warm- up, Lots of Peaceful Pink thoughts x x Alice

    • Hey Alice! Love your story of knitting on the bus, that’s fab! Well, we are having a stitching Bee on July 16th at the Co-Housing (details to follow soon) when we will be sewing together the special banners, and another woolly join up day on Sunday July 20th at Stratford Court (again, details to follow) Are you around for either of those – would love to see you! Oh, and Sheila Macbeth’s choir is going to sing as we take the scarf down the high street on Thursday 19th June – that should be a good warm up! Jaine xx

  12. Have been doing a bit of crochet(ing) with wool donated by knitting sister, (who is too busy to make a section). not prolific, lots of other projects.

    Know of at least one other knitter.

    Also introduced the idea to the Lewisham Pensioners’ Forumn Knit and natter group,
    will join them soon to collect their contribution, which will be taken to CND London office, joined narrow end to narrow end?

    Plan to go to the event on 9th August.

    • Hi Anne, great to hear from you, and thanks so much for spreading the word. Would love to see you on August 9th if you can make it – we need many many willing hands! Jaine xx

  13. Hi Jaine,
    Machynlleth and Borth knitters and friends had a good roll-out on Saturday in Aberyswyth and one of us took some videos which you can see on youtube as follows:
    The lovely singers are ‘Cor Gobaith’ (Hope Choir) who regularly sing songs of peace in Aberyswyth and area. Some of them will be coming on August 9th and we have made the decision to hire a coach from mid- wales.
    Machynlleth now have 40+ pieces, so can make a pin-wheel
    Best wishes

    • Hi Liza, am loving these film clips that you are sending me – am so thrilled that you will be with us on August 9th. Please pass on my love and thanks for all your hard work over there! Jaine xx

  14. Hi Jaine,
    The roll-out in Aberystwyth went well with lots of knitting from Borth and Machynlleth. One of us took a couple of short videos which are on youtube as follows:
    The lovely choir is ‘Cor Gobaith’ (Hope Choir) They regularly sing songs of peace in the area and should be with us on Aug 9th.
    We have now definitely decided to hire a coach from this end, picking up in Machynlleth, Aberystwyth and Lampeter.

  15. Hi Jaine,

    I have been meaning to get in touch with you ages ago to let you know that we’ve been quietly knitting & crocheting a contribution to this amazing scarf in Cardigan and the surrounding area! But time just flies by and I’m not realising I need to get a move on and send it to you so I’m off to the post office to send our contribution. Have you managed to get 7 miles of pink scarf in from knitters around the UK? I do hope we’re not too late with our piece of pink knitted-ness!

    What a great story you’ve just had on the BBC’s newspage. I do hope this will have some affect on how things turn out regards trident decisions! It’ll be interesting to see.
    Hope all goes really well on Saturday.

    with very best wishes

    Julie and all the knitters/crocheters from Cardigan and beyond!

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