How to join in

Scroll down for practical information on yarn, needles and stitches!

Bear with me, lets take those first baby steps together. Here is what I am thinking….

To make the scarf 7 miles long, we are going to need 11,000 “units” of knitting (don’t faint)

Each unit will measure 60cm wide and 100cm long – any thickness of yarn, any style, any stitch – be creative. You will need approx 80 – 95 stitches across if you use dk yarn on roughly size 7 needles, with about 100 rows. Grab a tape measure as it’s a bit tricky, and varies wildly! Thicker wool and/or thicker needles will need a different number of stitches, as will crocheting. Needle size has been a bit of a hotly debated issue – just pick up your nearest needles and give it a go….it doesn’t really matter. Wool stretches!!! 

Any shade of pink!

The crucial thing here is to get all your friends knitting too by beating them with a stick being really, charmingly persuasive. Could you do that for me? 

Drop me a line when you have knitted your unit (I need extra shiny people to knit a few units) – and together we will work out where to send it.

I am hoping to have a downloadable pattern of the CND symbol here too for super clever knitters.

Any questions – just give me a call! 01453 751604

Finished pieces can be sent to: 

Jaine Rose, Rowan Tree, 27 Bowbridge Lane, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2JP





277 thoughts on “How to join in

  1. Hi Jaine…have just seen this, and as I’ve just learnt to knit I’m in…what width should the knit be?…will crack on when I get some pink wool :) brilliant idea…i do hope I meet you one day…I enjoy your blog

    lots of love Suzy xxxx

    • Hi Suzy, that’s fantastic news, thank you so much!! The width needs to be 60cm – how many stitches depends on what kind of wool you use and on what needles. Yes, why haven’t we met – where are you again?? Thanks for always having such nice things to say to me!

      With love
      Jaine xx

  2. Hello beloved lady of lovely inspiringness

    I would be very deeply honoured and blessed to join Wool Against Weapons. I am, at present, unfortunately unable to knit but I would very much like to learn and it would be very magical for my first hopeful project to be a knitted contribution to the peace banner. Please very kindly count me in!

    Love you beyond the Moon and Stars -

    Thupten xxxxxxx

    • Hey Thupten, you are a gorgeous inspiration – dear and lovely you – well thank you! I am hoping to be at Rivenstone next summer with needles, shall I teach you then? Would so love to see you again. Thank you for your ongoing support, it is appreciated.

      With blue skies, and sparking love to you,

      Jaine xxx

  3. My lovely sister-in-law has just posted this info on Facebook. It is my birthday today and I’d be delighted and honoured to knit or crochet a metre or more as my gift to the future. X

  4. Wonderful idea – and really inclusive particularly for people who may be house/institution bound. Some of us have wondered if a (county-wide) collection/meet and knit scheme would be useful and fit in with the plan. If so, we’d be happy to see what we could do to help.

  5. A small but stalwart band of Lancaster (UK) Knitter/Crocheter Occupiers have used wool as a powerful form of protest for the last year – & we want to join the woolly anti-nuke scarf project! – Do you have a facebook group? If not, it would be brilliant to start one – if you’re unfamiliar with/allergic to facebook, I’d be happy to set one up which would be safe for all pink-woolly enthusiasts with a deep desire to end nuclear weaponry. – Zephyrine x

    • Hi Zephyrine, that’s amazing, thank you! Would love to hear more about you stitchy gals up there – yes, there is a Facebook page at Wool Against Weapons – maybe you could like us?! Will be in touch! Jaine xxx

    • ha! I’ve met some fab Greenham women – hoping lots of them (and you too!) will join us on the day to unroll our scarf of pinkness…. xx

    • Yes, someone else pointed me in that direction too – so I have now joined (shouldve done it years ago!) – my username is under PinkPeaceScarf – and I will make a group as soon as I learn how! Thanks Samantha xx

  6. Hi Jaine, I emailed you at your blog instead of here – sorry- but I was so excited about your 7 mile long scarf that I got carried away and didn’t really read anything properly – story of my life!
    Anyhow, I would love to be involved with sewing up pieces and maybe collecting or whatever you need. And knitting of course – just got a lovely batch of pink wool today to make a start :)
    Mahoosive kudos to you for a fabulous idea, let’s get knittiing for peace!!!
    Sal x

    • Hi Sal, love your name! Thanks for being excited along with me!! I am on such a high with everyone’s enthusiasm – it’s great that youre joining us! Jaine x

      • Hi Jaine
        I’d be more than happy to be your “Woman-in-Cheshire-But-Nearly-Shropshire-and-Very-Close-to-North-Wales” if you like :) Have an estate car/use of van so can deliver knitting to you too. We’ll have to have a natter about it somethime…
        Meanwhile Blessed Yule, have a wonderful Christmas
        Sal (the Spider) xxx

        • Hi Sal! Oh thank you, thank you!!! That would be fab – you sound ideally placed, oh wondrous woman of the web! Yes, lets natter more about it. Have a great Christmas, Jaine xx

  7. Haven’t knitted in years but will have a try. Do you have any ideas yet about where you are going to collect the sections? And who is going to sew them together?

    • Hi Martina, thanks for having a go!! I am sure knitting is like riding a bike – we never completely forget! So, my plan is that I will somehow find people in different areas who are willing to co-ordinate the joining together of the scarf in their region, and bring them down on the big day (in 2014). So if it’s ok, perhaps hang on to your piece of scarf for now, and I trust that that part of the plan will become clearer nearer the time! Do please send me a photo if you can though, of you with your piece!

      Thanks Martina, bye for now! Jaine x

  8. Have just started a pink bit, looking forward to getting the CND logo pattern for the next ones. I am hoping to persuade some of my friends to spend a lot of time getting together and knitting over the next months. What will the logistics be of actually sewing all the bits together?

    • Hi Barbara! Yes, I am working on getting a good pattern for the CND logo – Angie knows someone who has one, and I am also scouting around on Ravelry. So I will get back to you asap on that one! Ah, well, the logistics of joining it all up are going to be interesting! The plan is to have people in different areas who are willing to co-ordinate joining all their local pieces up and then bringing them down on the big day (in 2014) – what fun we are going to have – lets hope it doesnt rain!!!

      So if its ok with you, hold on to your pieces of scarf for now, and we will see how it all unfolds! Do send me a pic of you and your pieces though if you can!

      Jaine xx

      • I will gladly be your Birmingham contact if you don’t already have one. Am asking for it to be put in our Quaker Area Meeting notices in January and will be handing out information to everybody who comes to our Not-A-New-Year parties!

        • PS I don’t have a car but I have friends who do! Including one who can’t knit but would be happy to come and help on the day!

        • Barbara, thats really fantastic, thank you so much! A Birmingham contact would be perfect, and you’re not so far away from me, so maybe we can meet up next year! Yes, the main thing is to spread the word, so really appreciate that….enjoy your “Not a New Year”!! xxx

  9. Add me to your knitting list! I found you via a friend of Zephyrine’s on Facebook but will look at your FB page too. I will knit but probably unable to actually go to the event. I do remember my visit to Greenham on a cold December day. You’re keeping up the good work. I will spread the word.

    • Hi Moira, hey great! And you made it to Greenham too – fantastic. Appreciate you spreading the word – that’s really what I need, thanks!
      Jaine xx

  10. I can’t knit. Yet. But I have been Making Remarks, in public, for years, about how wonderful it must be to have some kind of making-things skill. So… here comes my opportunity, yes? My brand-new New Year project, stage 1, is to go out and buy a pair of knitting needles, some pink wool, and some how-to-knit instructions…

    • Hi Sue – wow! I love your sense of adventure – go for it!! Actually, I find crocheting easier and less scary – get someone to teach you, and there are some good tutorials on you tube. Also, start with chunky wool!! Let me know how you get on and if you need any more help and encouragement! The dimensions for this piece of scarf might be a bit big for a beginner, so why don’t you knit it in two pieces and we can help you join it together! Love Jaine x

  11. This is such a great idea, so reminiscent of Greenam activities, I was there off and on too, brings back wonderful memories of weaving webs inside the base. I will definitely be joining in and could be a contact in the Herefordshire area. Love light and Peace Julia

    • Hi Julia, fantastic! I love it that so many Greenham women are up for it. Thanks, a Hereford contact would be amazing. Stay in touch! Jaine x

  12. I’m in! I’ll ask at Swarthmore AM in January if anyone else will join. Lovely idea! Can see charity shops etc being denuded of pink wool …

    • Yay! Thanks for saying yes Rachael…Swarthmore Peace Collection looks really interesting – what is your involvement there? Ah, yes, I have all our local charity shops on pink-alert!!

      Love Jaine x

    • Thanks Maggie, I have got all sorts of wild shades of pink floating around my house now – never knew there were so many! Let me know how you get on….love Jaine x

  13. What a mad, crazy, wonderful idea – count me in! (Slight problem: haven’t done any knitting for over 40 years..) Just been to Nanna B’s, our brilliant woolly habby-dashy shop in Uttoxeter (Staffs), who agreed to display your poster by the till – yeh!! But Jaine, what’s a size 7 needle? Is that an English 7 or a metric 7mm? The woman in the shop thought a metric 7mm would result in too holey a knit, so I’ve brought back some English 7ish needles and some DK wool; looks like it’s going to be a lot more than 100 rows with this tho. Any advice for a novice please?
    Oh, and I’ll gladly collect, transport (have use of estate car) and help in any way that’s of use. Love, Elaine

    • Hi Elaine – hey, thanks so much for your enthusiasm – 40 years eh? No worries, it will come flooding back! Really appreciate you getting a flyer in to Nanna B’s (love the name). Hmmmm, needle size – well, I have been using 7mm size needles with DY yarn and it seems fine but as long as the piece is approx 60cm wide then it really doesn’t matter too much. Whatever feels comfortable for you. Just keep on going until it measures a metre – we are all varying to be honest – I am quite a tight knitter (typical Virgo!!) so I guess I will go past 100 rows. To tell you the truth, I havn’t actually finished a whole piece yet – I keep starting new ones – I currently have 5 sets of needles and pieces on the go!!! I will get there! Let me know how you get on….

      Oh, and thanks so much for your offer of transport help – that’s amazing!

      Jaine xx

  14. Hello, I’m really pleased to see some guidance has now been offered about the number of stitches and so on. Thanks for that.
    I am very tentatively thinking of forming a local group (North Birmingham) to share knitting and crocheting for this project and I was just wondering if you are hoping to build any relationships with wool sellers who might offer a discount? (There is almost never wool for sale in the local charity shops.)

    • Hi Senga!

      Well, that is a fantastic idea – and so obvious, cannot believe I didnt think of it already! I will get on to it right away. What we need is links with a big manufacturer perhaps. I will do some digging around and let you know what I come up with.

      Oh, I would love you to get a local group together! I am starting several here in Stroud. Just nice to be with other people really, isn’t it! hey, and you are not so far away from me – maybe I could beetle up sometime and say hello!

      Thanks Senga,
      Jaine xx

      • The cheapest wool I have found for sale – so far – is James C Brett Top Value Double Knitting – it is 100% acrylic. If people can sell it in pound shop type places for a bit more than £1.00 for 100g I wonder whether that would be a good place to start. I see James C Brett is based in the UK. -
        Some progress has been made on setting up a local group, I’ll let you know when there’s definite news. And we’d be happy to invite you to join us.

  15. having just finished a comedy film clip spoof which ends with a husband who thinks he’s a macho soldier trying to blow up his wife who is KNITTING i am rather stunned myself to arrive at your site…..being an old cnd’er but anyway, may i first help by offering you this idea off the top of my head….you may need a song to sing along with so i suggest revising the old 1914 tune…..PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES IN YOUR OLD KNIT BAG….etc etc (i’m not refering to my ex missus here by the way…hahaha)

    • Hi James, ha – that made me giggle – so just how did you arrive here, would love to know??!! hey great, yes I agree – a song is exactly what we will need as we are unrolling several miles of knitting over trees and pathways – so well done, I think it’s a goer!!

      P.S Can you knit yourself???!!!

  16. I run the knitting together group at our local library in St Annes on the Sea. We are finishing off scarves and mittens for our Women’s Refuge but when we have will get started.. . we can pass it from hand to hand.

    • Hi Anne, that’s great, thanks so much! Where is St.Annes on the Sea – is it Lancashire? You all sound very proactive! Thanks for being ‘in’ xxx

  17. am spreading the word around bath and wiltshire…….my friends in cornwall are knitting freaks so will contact them too……..also have a contact with a womens group that protest at the bases sometimes………… will look them up . think they are in bristol………………
    this is going to be great fun ……..good thinking x good luck am off to start knitting …

    • Hi Jess – oh, that is fab – thank you!! Oh, there are plenty knitting freaks as you say!!! yahoo….
      Let me know how you get on – would be great to make contact with any groups that protest at bases – and Bristol isn’t far from me in Stroud.
      Thanks again for being in touch xxx

  18. Hi – my daughter who is with Occupy told me about this – I will knit, and I will tell our knitting group at Harrogate Quaker Meeting and the older children there too. It’s a great idea creative and inspiring like the scarf we will make!

    • Thanks Lizzie – I am so pleased you are joining us – I would really appreciate you telling the knitting group at Harrogate Quaker Meeting too – we have lots of Quakers involved, its fantastic. Yes, the scarf will be beautiful – and even better, will make lots and lots of blankets when the project is finished. Let me know how you get on!

      Jaine xx

  19. Love the idea of a 7 mile scarf, but why does it have to be pink? Why not rainbow colours? I have loads of old balls in all sorts of colours at home, so I don’t really want to fork out for pink wool, or spend ages knitting with it (not my favourite colour). I’ve got a gorgeous jade. Amanda

    • Hi Amanda! Your message made me smile! Well, pink has been recognised as an anti-war colour, links in with Code-Pink the grassroots social justice movement, and it will look pretty striking as different shades of one colour. But you know what? I love ‘differentness’ and anarchy – so why don’t you go with your gorgeous jade, and when we see it in that sea of pink, it will make us all smile and think of you!! Yay! xx

    • Hi Louise – by wool, I actually meant yarn – so no! Anything goes – wool, acrylic, or anything else that can be woven, knitted, crocheted etc will be fantastic thanks! xx

    • Hey lovely Solstice-dreaming woman, nice to hear from you again – how are you? Would love to hear more about that rally in ’83. Yes, please please join in with your crocheting – would love that! A pic of you and your masterpiece would be great too…..

      Love Jaine x

        • well, we never need any sort of excuse to rummage around in yarn shops let’s face it……oh, please shamelessly recruit people anywhere and everywhere – we have 11,000 pieces of scarf to get together!!! I am beginning to stop people in the street – it helps that I have shocking pink hair – curiosity gets the better of most people when they see me coming towards them with a manic smile on my face. Scary!! Let me know how you get on!! xx

  20. My daughter sent me this last night, fantastic idea, have put the date in my diary! If people have a Hobbycraft near them they have a ’3 for 2′ offer on all yarn at present, so I stocked up on pink acrylic this afternoon, Hayfield Bonus DK, 100g at £1.69 (3 for £3.38). Very pleased to see your answer to Amanda about other colours – I’ll use some of my stash for rainbow CND signs on the pink background. Love the thought that it’s getting people knitting again who haven’t for years! I always use size 8 (4mm) needles for DK and 7 (4.5mm) for aran, otherwise it’s a bit loose, but, all you beginners, just experiment and get the knitting bug! Like others who’ve replied to you it brought back memories of Greenham, but also the realisation that I’ll never scale a fence again! Thank you for your inspirational idea, see you in 2014! Deidre.

    • Ha! Deidre – so fantastic to hear from you, you have inspired me, thank you!! That’s some really good advice there, I am going to cross post it on our Facebook site if that’s ok (just words, not contact details) – because I may have been confusing everyone with needle sizes – so at last: someone who knows what they are doing!!!! I think a rainbow CND sign would look amazing – please do send a pic if you can when you have finished, to spur us on!! xxx

  21. Hello, great idea, I’m in! Hoping you’ll be emailing plenty of reminders as my brain is a little woolly and forgetful at times, might need some help being kept on schedule : ) I’ve had some pink wool I’ve been wondering what to do with for about 6 years now, can’t think of a single better use x x x

    Love and light

    Sheena x x x

    • Thanks Sheena – that’s great news, glad you are joining us! Yes, I will remind you….when my similarly woolly brain gets in to gear!! xxx

  22. Is this open to Yanks from across the sea? Hope so. What a great idea ! Reminds me of the movie, Reunion at Fairborough, one of my favorites.

    • Hi Jill – Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum, very cool! Would absolutely love you to join in – what part of the States are you from and how did you get to hear about Wool Against Weapons? Very excited to have you…. xx

      • I am a follower of Ilona’s Life After Money Blog and found your link there. I am from New Castle, IN …..about four hours south of Chicago. I visited London and environs many years ago and have never forgotten my experiences there. Looking forward to being a part of this marvelous endeavor…..jill

        • Whoohoo Jill! Welcome, so exciting to have you! I have just found Ilona’s blog – so inspiring! and have thanked her for passing the word on. It’s great that you are joining us – and if ever you feel like a trip over again, I live in Gloucestershire – very pretty countryside about 2 hours west of London, you’d love it! Let us know how you get on, and if you have any knitting friends who want to join in! Jaine xx

  23. Fantastic! I’ll be starting this as soon as possible – need to rummage through my wool bags first. 4mm needles are perfect for DK wool and garter stitch the quickest and easiest for beginners (every row knit) but I might go for some cabling in some of mine!
    All power to your needles

    • Hi Sue, that’s great, and thanks for the knitting advice, will put that on Facebook where the questions get asked. Oooh, cabling – just tried to learn that myself and nearly had to lie down in a darkened room… xx

  24. Hiya, just come across your post on a friends facebook page Good luck with speaking to the teenagers today ;)
    Please count me in with the knitting , I’d be very happy to put my recently dug-out needles and hooks into good use :)
    Lisa xxx

  25. I love this idea and am going right out the door for some pink yarn. Also I have a nice CND graph I can scan and send you if you like.
    Good luck!
    bon :)

    • Hey Bonnie! That would be great thanks! There is a pattern on Ravelry and some other super clever women have managed it…but a graph would be good too if you don’t mind. xx

    • Yahooo, thanks Penny! There is a group who are getting together enough stitched pieces of wool to unroll down their high street – I thought that was pretty cool, and the newspapers love that sort of thing…is Devon ready for that do you think??!! xx

    • Hi Ruth! Glad you are joining us! It’s August 2014 – so ages, ages!!! Although I have got 11,000 pieces to gather up, crazy I know! But every little bit totally counts, so a big thank you to you! xx

  26. Great idea-especially if can stretch the definition of pink to include a lot of
    the spare wool I’ve collected over 64 years of knitting!