Event on Aug 9th!

We are going to have the best day!! 

You don’t have to knitted anything at all to come along to AWE on 9th August – simply being there will be a fantastic contribution!

The plan:

Coaches are coming from all over the U.K. See the page “Coach Information” on this website for details. Or get a group of friends together and hire a minibus, car share etc.

Public transport: CND will be arranging shuttle buses from Mortimer train station. If you are booked on or are planning to take a particular train please let us know by emailing campaigns@cnduk.org so that we can guarantee we’ll pick you up!

Coming by Car: For people wishing to drive to the demonstration, there is limited parking around AWE. There are country lanes that have no parking restrictions (please park as safely as you can) and each Milestone will have a small amount of parking. Another option is to park at the services between junctions 11 & 12 and walk across the bridge to The Mearings entrance to AWE Burghfield – this is the last Milestone of the scarf route. There is a map here if you are coming by car. You do need to know though that the Service Station charges £12. I don’t think that there are hundreds of people coming by car, and at this stage (Wed) I am reasonably confident that you will find parking on the lanes nearby the route, particularly at the beginning of the route. Red and Rainbow Burghfield milestones are trickier. 

When you arrive at the demonstration, you will be directed to colour-coded milestones based on their region or affiliation. Take a look below for an idea of where to go on the day, and locate your milestone on the map hereIt is completely up to you which Milestone you choose to go to – visit several if you are feeling energetic! Each will have its own unique atmosphere!! 

  • Rainbow AWE Aldermaston: South-West, Bristol, Stroud
  • Purple: Berkshire, Hampshire and South England
  • Blue: Scotland and North-east England
  • Green: Greens and Women (with Green CND, Green Women and Women in Black/WILPF)
  • Yellow: Wales and bordering counties
  • Orange: Yorkshire, Lancashire and Merseyside
  • Red: Faith Groups
  • Rainbow AWE Burghfield: London, East Anglia and South-East

Have you already agreed to help out by managing one of the milestones? Download your first briefing about what will be needed on the day here: Briefing #1 for Milestone Coordinators and Contacts

Timings for the day:

08:00    Milestone Co-ordinators arrive and set up

10:00    People begin to arrive and check in at their milestones, lay out scarf pinwheels, join pinwheels together, enjoy the buzz, sing, chat, eat cake, take part in the film being made, pictures being taken soak up the vibe!

13:00    We are all joined! We are One at One! Big cheering – bells are passed along the length of the scarf, much whooping and feeling very pleased with ourselves!! A few minutes of quiet reflection for Nagasaki Day.

13.30    We begin to unjoin, and roll the scarf pinwheels back up, carefully removing bits of grass and leaves!

14:00    We assemble back at our milestones and tell tales of our daring achievement (and laugh at the things that went a bit crazy-wrong, because they will). Time for celebration, music, speeches, quiet reflection, drumming, partying, whatever we fancy. Oh and cake, surely?

15:00    Approx.  - time to pack up, get back on our coaches, remembering to take pinwheels of scarf with us, for the next job of blanket making – many hands make light work (and will keep Jaine sane)


I have my piece of scarf that I will be bringing on the day. Is that O.K

Absolutely, you fab knitter – bring it along and we will join it in to the rest of the scarf. There will be plenty of time, and we will have needles, thread and scissors

I don’t know which milestone to go to?

You are welcome at any of the milestones – and to visit several if you would like. Pick one and go to the set up table there, and they can direct you. I (Jaine, pink hair, can’t miss me) will be beginning the day at the Rainbow Aldermaston Milestone – there will be lots of people there to help you

I’m worried that its a long day and I might not be able to stand for hours on end!

Honestly, not a problem! There will be lovely spaces created at each of the milestones, where you can put out a camping chair and relax if you need to. Infact, a small folding chair is a good option if you will have problems standing for a long time – or something to sit on. Much of the scarf route is along lanes. We will be rolling the scarf out between 10am and 1pm – so a maximum of 3 hours. Bring food to keep you going! It’s a day where anything can happen – it will hopefully be relaxed and fun and something that we create together – so look after your needs and ask for help – there will be lovely people there I’m sure! 

What else should I bring?

Dress for a day out in the great British weather – check forecasts – waterproofs, sunscreen, something to sit on. Bring instruments, bells, your voices, face painting, homemade banners or placards.  Also bring a packed lunch, and there may be some hanging about, so knitting!, a book, something to entertain kids if they are coming too.

Kids! Is that O.K?

Absolutely, this is going to be a fun, curious and family friendly day. But we also want you to know that the route is along a road, with pathways, and areas off of the road to congregate in, but a road nevertheless, so we really need kids to be safe. There will be areas at each Milestone where they can be safe, but we need you to keep your beady eyes on them!! Check with the Milestone Co-ordinators (CND can give you contact details of these fab people) to see what entertainment there is – for example, we will have facepainting and hopefully stories at the Rainbow Milestone. Create your own fun too!



43 thoughts on “Event on Aug 9th!

    • Whohooo, thanks so much Kate, you are so great! Well, I am sorting out the how to page this afternoon. It is basically 100cm x 60cm in any shade of pink. Pieces can be posted to me for now, but as time goes on, and considering there will be about 11,000 pieces, I will need to find people happy to collect them up region by region. I’m working on that little challenge. Hey do you have any great knitters up there who could join in?

      Is it snowy there yet??!!

      Sending love, so nice to hear from you!

      Jaine xxx

  1. I’m trying to do a CND symbol. Not too bad, as in recognisable, but not exactly right. Hopefully the next one will be better!

    Do we sew the pieces together as we go, or keep them separate?

    • Hi Rachael – we are all really impressed with your CND symbol over on Facebook!!! Yes, sewn together would be fantastic, thanks. Someone had the good idea of sewing them up in a contrasting colour – maybe blue – so that when we come to dismantle the scarf and turn it into blankets it will be easier. What do you think? xx

  2. CND symbol for knitters, with chart and instructions now available for free download on Ravelry. Free to join and, then search under “Toys and Hobbies/Other” for “CND symbol”, free to download.
    It’s for double knitting but you could adapt it for thicker wool to make it grow faster! x

  3. Well, as you can see from my blog, I knit professionally ….. and I would love to contribute to this project. I have quite a bit of pink yarn left over from previous projects, just tell me what to do and where to send the finished items,

    • Hi Jane, love your shawls and berets! Hey, so this is great – if you take a look at the home page there are some instructions there. I am in Stroud that week, so yes! drop in…will email you. Thanks! xxx

    • Yay! Thanks so much Ruby! Where abouts are you? It’s good to have a sense of where people are coming from…let me know how you get on….Jaine xx

  4. Hi Jaine and team,. just packing up a parcel for you of 13 metres of peace scarf pieces. Can’t wait to see the finished pics!

  5. Myself and my two 11 year old girls have just started creating some pink wooly scarves :) one girl knitting, one crocheting and me keeping them going :) we hope to come and join you in August next year too, this is a great project thanks for organising it.

  6. Hi. I found out about this through the Just Yarn It fb page. I am knitting pink now we have finished our year long project; The Meadow, which did it’s job of highlighting the plight of an old and neglected building and caused quite a stir among residents and council of Salisbury. We do like a bit of craftivism. ;)

  7. Portsmouth Local Quaker Meeting are inviting knitters to a Wool Against Weapons day from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 5th October 2013, at the Quaker meeting house, 25 Northwood Road, Portsmouth, PO2 9QT.

    • Great stuff Clare, thank you! No formal guidelines as yet – but have a look at our Facebook page to see whats going on out there. Knitters are gathering in pubs, each others houses, libraries and all over the place, to just knit pieces together and have fun. My email is on the contact page if you have any specific questions. Would love you to join us! Jaine xxx

  8. Saw this in my new Earth Pathways Diary, what a brilliant idea. Got my wool and needles ready. I have printed of some of your posters and am going to put them up in all the local supermarkets. Lets get everyone knitting and try to put a stop to this stupidity.

  9. Only just seen this great project – do you still need pieces for the scarf or did you reach the 11,000?!

    • Hi Catherine, good question!! We are not quite there, a big final push is needed, so yes please, if you could knit for us, that would be fantastic!! Love Jaine xx

  10. This is so exciting! What deadline date do you have in mind for getting this all together? Do you still need pieces? Also, do you have a regional collector in the North of England (I’m in Whitley Bay)

    • Hi Jools, not sure if my last reply got through. Contact me on 07579 965254 for local group details. You can bring along lengths to Northern Pride, or to Millennium Bridge on 27th July for our last local event before the big day! Best – Andrew

  11. I have just completed my piece of scarf.
    I am hunting through trying to find where to send it – please can you point me in the right direction?

    • Hi Jenny, so sorry you haven’t had a reply until now – I have been snowed under with pink wool over here – if you didn’t already find the address, perhaps you could send your piece to me at: 27 Bowbridge Lane, Stroud, GL5 2JP. Thank you for your knitting support – fantastic! Jaine xx

  12. We had a brilliant street knit-in session in Chester on Saturday – and it provoked such a lot of interest. Lush Cosmetic shop to do one here on 5 July too.

    • Hi Annie, yes I saw the pics, looked brilliant! Sorry not to have replied sooner – even the Lush knit in has been and gone – oops, but all the support has been fantastic – pleased pass on my thanks to everyone involved! Jaine xx

  13. I have sent in my three pieces of knitting – a tiny bit towards the thousands that will be needed. Looking forward to 9th August. Am planning to come (from Birmingham UK) with a friend with whom I used to organise CND demos in the late 1970s early 1980s. Can’t wait to meet all you other Knitters and see the result of this magnificent campaign.

    • Thanks Damian, might be worth quickly checking in with CND – tel:
      020 7700 2393 – as they are co-ordinating transport. Jaine x

  14. I have worked out where to go and how to get there, and I think I will be visiting several milestones! I’m planning to park at the services and run/walk to the Rainbow B camp, then walk along the scarf route stopping at yellow, green and Rainbow A because they seem like my affiliations at the moment. I can offer a lift to anyone who wants to come down from the Midlands as I’ll be travelling from Lichfield area through Banbury and Oxford. This will involve a fair amount of walking – from what I can tell at least 16 miles, so beware. I’ll probably leave Lichfield as early as I can, around 7-8am and return after it’s over, around 3pm so arrive back by 6.

    • I had another thought about my offer to give people a lift, and realised that it would be helpful if I say how many people my car can fit – which is 4 including the driver! Also, I realised that people I give a lift to wouldn’t need to walk as far as me if they can’t or don’t want to – I could drop them off at a milestone before going to park at the services and pick them up from the milestone – or another agreed place, after it’s over. Hope that helps a bit!

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