From August 10th I will be going underground and sleeping for a month! Really! So if you have press enquiries please contact:

Luke Massey
Press & Communications Officer (CND) M: 07968 420 859

Other contacts: 

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND):

Action AWE:    

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    • I’m about to have a hip replacement and plan to knit my way through the recovery period.

      Are you still needing more pieces? Is there a deadline for finishing?

      Such a great idea, thank you, Lynne

      • Hi Lynne, Yes please, it would be fantastic if you could knit for us! We are hoping to have pieces finished and sent in by the end of June, beginning of July, so there’s still plenty of time. Wishing you all the best for your op, and a really speedy and gentle recovery. Jaine xx

  1. Hi Jaine, this is a totally inspired idea, I have not knitted for years!, but am dusting off my needles and off to Charity shop to find some Pink wool. Really enjoy your Blog and your Art and am totally anti-nuclear xx

    • Hi Kate – wow! thats fantastic! Actually, I have a lot of Quaker friends in Stroud, and they are up for it too – what a fab lot you are!! So a big thank you, and let me know how you all get on! Jaine xx

  2. I knit for pleasure, it would be a pleasure to knit for peace. Please let me know if you’re using a specific yarn and needle size, number of stitches etc and I will get knitting.


    • Hi Sue!

      Thank you for your YES! – in terms of type of yarn and needle size – anything goes! I am using DK on a size 7, but am thinking that a chunkier wool would knit up faster, so that’s what my next piece will be in. With DK I found that it was approx 60 stitches with 90 rows, but again, as long as it measures 60cm across then that’s the main thing!

      Let me know if you need any other help!

      Best wishes, Jaine xx

    • Hi Ann – thanks for saying ‘yes!’ – our numbers are growing! Let me know how you get on, and would be great if you could gather a few friends to join us too! Jaine xx

  3. Hello Jaine,
    Great project!
    I have had a go at designing a CND symbol to make in double knitting – but it can be adapted for thicker wool too. The chart and instructions are now on the Ravelry site to download for free. You just need to join Ravelry – it’s free – and search for “CND symbol” under “Toys and Hobbies  Other” :)

    • Hi Moira,

      Oooh, that is fab – thank you, I will go and take a look right away. I did join Ravelry before Christmas – still trying to navigate my way around it – it’s good isn’t it? I am under Pink Peace Scarf – what is your name there? Have you knitted it up yet? I may need a little help!!! xx

    • Hello Moira G
      I heard about WoolvsWeapons in my political song group “Protest in Harmony” (Edinburgh)
      Isn’t this wonderful!
      I can knit, have got my wool & needles & am raring to go, but, like many others, I really do want to knit the CND logo(s) into my part of the ‘scarf’.

      Thank you so much for this post re a pattern… but … I’m afraid that, despite my best efforts, I remain ‘technologically challenged’ when it comes to blogs & social network sites.
      Would it be at all possible to email me the pattern, or put it on to this site on some way, or even on Youtube or

      Yours, clickingly in the pink!
      Jillian x

      • Hi Jillian, no worries, am emailing it to you now and will put up on the website when I have a chance – thank you for prompting me, I think that was a good idea!

        Jaine xx

  4. I’m in. I’ve just started. It’s crochet for me, as I’m too slow with knitting needles.

    love from


    • Hi Rebecca – ah, I am joined by a fellow crocheter!! Fab…..I am just about holding my own with knitting, but oh, its a bit out of my comfort zone!! I have hand carved hooks (from a dear friend) and they fly like the wind!! xxx

  5. Have started to look for some pink wool already and some knitting companions already; let me know if local collection points emerge; I’m in Sheffield

    • Hi Jill, that’s great, thanks for roping other people in too, that’s exactly what we need. Yes, will be in touch about local collection points. xx

  6. Hi, Jaine – we spoke on the phone and I said I would soon be getting email and a landline, and be starting on knitting for peace, so here I am! Heard about you through the Quaker meeting in Ledbury, and am passing details to others. The more the merrier! With love and blessings to all involved!

    • Hi Susan, great, you are on-line!!!! Hope that all went smoothly! Thanks for passing it on too, thats great. Stay in touch, let me know if you are planning a visit anywhere near Stroud. Jaine xx

  7. This is brilliant! I recently found out about this project at a gathering of young Quakers, and fully intend to spread the word to all who will listen. What an inspired way to engage people of all ability, activism style, fitness and health in a much needed campaign.

    Power to the yarn.

    • Hey, thanks so much Rhiannon! Great to hear from you, and it would be fab if you could spread the word – am needing those 11,000 pieces of scarf!!! Power to the yarn indeed xxxx

  8. Fab idea – just been given 2 large bags of wool, some of which is pink, so I will get started. Hope it all goes well.

  9. Hi Jaine

    I’ve been circulating the information around friends in Manchester. A few of us are getting started on our pink sections.


    • Hi Natasha, sorry its taken me a while to get back to you – but thanks for being in touch, and hey! that’s great news. I was thinking of having some friends together this week for a knit in with wine, cake and gossip…

  10. Hey Jaine, I started my piece on Wednesday evening, accompanied by a few ladies and a glass of wine! I might get into it so I can see more than just 1m coming your way, maybe i could knit the distance between our houses! My head’s going now. Such a great idea, doing something really positive and feel good at the same time a sending a very powerful message. I have passed on details to my step-daughter in London to get her & her girlie mates involved too.
    see you very soon pink lady, love to you, susiexxx

    • Oh that would be amazing Susie, your house to mine – lets take bets on how many pieces that would take…..I reckon no more than 60!! And I have about 25 right now. Lets see if we can do it by the Fringe and get all our friends to help great to have a mini trial run, to see exactly what it does entail!!! Thanks for your message, and your networking xxxxx

  11. Hi, I can give this ago if crochet is ok? I am sick and disabled so crochet is easier for me. Only have to cope with one stitch and one implement! When do you need the pieces by?

    • Hi Sue, crochet would be perfect, thank you! I am a better crocheter than I am knitter….and yes, way less complicated with one needle. I am collecting pieces right now and beginning to join them, but they can be sent any time. We have between now and August 2014, when we will be unfolding them between Burghfield and Aldermaston.

      Thanks for joining us, let us know how you get on! Jaine xx

  12. Peek a boo! Happy sunday!

    I have finaly finished my pink length of knitting to add to all the others you have already got. YEE HAH! There’s only one problem… how do i send it to you?

    Am off to start the next one now.

    Talk to you soon,

    Helen (Nim)

    • Alriiiiight!! That’s fantastic Helen – got a pic of you and the finished piece?? It’s so great to have action shots. O.K, so if you can, perhaps you could send it to me: Jaine Rose, 27 Bowbridge Lane, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2JP – thank you, big hugs xxxxxx

  13. All ready to send and i’ve emailed you two photos, one of the finished piece and another of the birth of piece number two.
    Happy knitting,

  14. Hi there

    Brilliant Idea – just had a customer in talking about it – and buying yarn for it.

    Shouting out on my blog and facebook for you – will add a link from my site and stuff over the next couple of days


    • Hi Pandy, or should I say Princess Kitten?! Fab shop by the way! Thanks for the shout out, that’s fantastic of you……

      Jaine xxx

  15. Hi Jaine,

    My mum has just sent me the link to your website. I would definitely like to contribute! I live in Germany but I am coming back to visit in June so will either bring my piece back and send it from my UK address or from over here. I guess it’s fine if I end up doing more than one meter, right? I even have a ball of pink wool and I’ve been wondering what to do with it. Fate!

    Good luck!


    • Hi Liz,

      Oh that is great, so glad you are joining in – we have several knitters from Germany and have even translated the flyer into German. Actually, we need 11,000 meters – so the people doing more than one piece are absolute life savers!!!! No kidding! Ah, so the universe was saving that pink wool of yours for just such an occasion, fate indeed!! Thanks for being in touch, love Jaine x

    • Hi Stella! Thanks for joining us! Whereabouts in the ‘far north’ of Scotland are you? I have a big map that I am putting stickers on, be good to have one up there! Let us know how you get on….Jaine xx

  16. Dear Jaine
    We met at the launch in Reading and since then I have been getting many people specially Quakers to start knitting – hopefully they will finish too. They find this is a very attractive idea.
    I would like to suggest something that any knitter can do to make more of their action. AAWE wants to influence every MP and let them know that if they won’t agree NOT to vote for Trident Renewal then we will not vote for them.
    I suggest all these knitters when they have knitted at least a half, have a photo taken of themselves with a placard stating why they are doing this. Then write an email with the photo in it [get someone to help you if you need it] and say ‘If you agree with me please contact your MP and let them know that if they won’t agree NOT to vote for Trident Renewal then tell them you will not vote for them. Send the email to all your contacts attaching the draft letter for MPs on Ideally ask the MPs to send the replies back to info@actionawe so that it can go up on the website. This way we can reach many more MPs than just the ones we personally know.
    Let me know what you think.

    • Hi Sarah, good to hear from you – actually, this is a great idea. Let me think it through and find the best way to put it into action. And in conjunction with this, I am thinking about postcards to send out – with the logo and a pic of knitting and a placard – ‘if you back Trident, we won’t vote for you. Knit on….” – something like that. Am snowed under with wool admin, but do think this is the way forward, so leave it with me, and I will get back to you….

      Jaine xx

  17. Hi pink lady, thanks for your lovely email via my daughter Sarah. I’m Anne from Lowestoft and I’m really pleased with the response I’m getting from people I have chatted to. I pick up the flyers I’ve had printed tomorrow and plan to sit and knit in the library, charity shops,community centers, anywhere I can find that will lend me a chair and a space to knit and natter and spread the word. Yes of cause you can use any photos and messages I send you, I,m having a ball with this great project and am getting better rapidly because of it. Anne XXX

  18. three pieces on their way. I hope they make it! Sending to the address in Stroud. hope that is still correct!

    • Hi Ingrid! Yes – they arrived safe and sound and looking beautiful! Thank you so much – and THREE whole pieces too – you are a star Ingrid! big hugs to you, Jaine xxx

  19. Dear Jaine

    We met at the ActionAWE Launch and I am part of the team.
    I really need to speak to you as I have a serious suggestion about how we can make this wonderful knitting project really work to get rid of nukes. Tel 0845 4588 366. or use my email and let me have a non mobile phone and I shall ring you.
    To make this [knitting] really work as a way of influencing as many MPs as possible, please take a photo of yourself with your knitting and a placard explaining why you are doing this. Then write an email to all your contacts including the photo and explaining why you are asking them to make contact with their MP if they agree with you that we don’t need nuclear weapons any more. Please suggest they ask their MP if s/he will confirm that they will not be voting for Trident Renewal in 2016. Say as if not I will not be voting for him/her at the next election in 2015. Sarah Lasenby
    P.S. Please let me know how you get on. If you get responses about what the MPs said please tell us and we can put them up on the website

  20. Hi Jaine,
    Calling you from Cardiff. We were at the Great Oak cafe in Llanidloes today, had a lovely lunch there. It’s a favourite with us as the staff and customers are always friendly and happy to chat. We saw a flyer there on woolagainstweapons and saw that someone has organised a local group to support your project.
    Now back home and writing to say we will get knitting too and will spread the word here though I’m sure that Cardiff is already involved. Great idea and well done for getting on with it, I’ll be in touch when I’ve knitted some.
    kind regards

    • Hi Jenny,

      So sorry your lovely comment didn’t get a reply sooner! Ah, that seems such a long time ago, but it was a fab trip for us! How are you getting on knitting? Jaine xx

  21. Please can you knit yourself a Twitter account? I have tweeted about your project but it would be great if there was a twitter account to link to as well.

  22. Hi Jaine,
    Hope you are well, and alls good. I am just wondering if you got my address for you to send me a ‘letter pattern’ for the banner, I sent it via messenger and I am not sure you received it, so just incase here it is again 3, Penton Place, Milland Road, Winchester, SO23 0PZ. Thank you, I am still busy knitting for the scarf :)
    All the best, love and light Mary x

  23. wow jaine!will be on the lookout for some pink wool.hope the laying out of this scarf will be a public event,will get my 2 girlies and my sis on board as well.hope i can send yoy something soon,good luck,

  24. Just heard about this! I am a demon knitter and was wondering what my winter project would be. Will start soon with my 8 year old grand-daughter Roxy who I taught to knit recently.
    Great idea !

  25. I was visiting Ruskin Mill on Sunday and found your postcard and took a pic because I was so excited about the prospect of knitting for peace. Imagine my heartfelt disappointment when I discovered I had missed it all. I am a dedicated knitter and have been a campaigner for peace all my adult life.So I wanted to write and say a huge thank you and congratulations, for a truly wonderful concept, putting 2 of the most loved things in my life together and producing an incredible statement made by so many beautiful people. Well done to all you gorgeous knitters and I so sorry that I was unable to contribute. with heartfelt blessings Marilyn somerset

    • Marilyn, hello! I have great news for you!! The campaign is still running – we are rolling out the scarf in 2014!!! So please please do join us and knit a piece of scarf, and if you can, come on the day, which is 9th August and will be sooooo much fun. Ruskin Mill is one of my favourite places. Thank you for your lovely message, sorry its taken me so long to get back to you, have been a bit buried in pink wool…..Jaine Rose xxx

  26. Fantastic idea! Wish I had “discovered” you earlier…..have just started on my piece. I really hope the finished scarf makes everyone (and especially politicians) think about how we are destroying this beautiful world we live in……well done Jaine! I live in Lincolnshire and am letting all my knitty, knotty, nutty friends know about this project…

    • Ha ha! Well done Margaret for spreading the word to the knotty, knotty and nutty – the more the merrier! Thanks so much for your support, I really appreciate it – let us know how you get on, love Jaine xxx

    • Hi Alison, that sounds fab, thanks for letting us know! Where abouts are you? The date is now 9th August, be great to see you there! :) xxxxx

  27. Hi Janie A few Friends, some people from other churches and people who go to the Sunderland Knitting Group at the Serendipity Tearooms on a Thursday night, are meeting at the Quaker meeting House on Roker Park Road in Sunderlandtomorrow to do our bit for Wool Against Weapons.
    If it is successful we may have other days in the new year.
    Hope you are getting loads of pieces.

    • Hi Patsy, A massive thank you to you all up there – how did it go? Yes, the pieces are rolling in, and my house will soon explode with all the pink! ha! Happy New Year to you, stay in touch! Jaine xxx

  28. Well done for thinking up such a fantastic idea!!! I’m in, its just me at the min but i am spreading the word and printing your poster :) exciting times!!!

    love and hugs


    • Yahooo, thanks for joining us Tamsin! Oh, the date has had to change – its now the 9th August – sorry, can you change the date on the poster you’ve printed? Exciting indeed! xxxxx

    • Promises promises….listen, if David, your best friend, can do it, then you can pull your finger out…..get cracking baby…. xxxxxxxxxxx

  29. Hi Janie, I saw the link to your website on my cousin’s facebook page and I love this idea! I live in Canada, I hope you don’t mind accepting pieces from across the Atlantic :) I have the perfect pink wool already at home so am going to get started right away :)

    • Only if you are going to drape yourself, toga style, in the said pink sacking, and dance a fandango outside the main gate. Go for it my friend, stranger things have happened…….

  30. found this online via CND. very exciting. it sounds fantastic. i have started bidding for pink yarn on ebay. i’ll send any spare if i get lucky and buy too much.
    good luck and best wishes for the project. i have started to spread the word among knitting friends.

    • Hi Bronwen, thanks for joining us, thats great! How did the bidding go on Ebay? Oh, and yes, please do spread the word – 25 weeks to go!

      Jaine xxx

    • Thanks so much Marg – it got here safely, with little pieces of love sparkling all around it – you did a fab job! Love Jaine xx

  31. Hi Jaine, great idea and I’m just finishing my second piece. Can you reassure me though that the blankets will go where they are needed please. Mine are crochet and I love doing it, but I’d hate all our time and money to be wasted. Good luck Much love and big respect for all you do.

    • My concern too Hazel. How is all the amazing work and material going to be usefully used? Is there an equally amazing team of unpickers, menders, sorters and sewers ready to turn the craft into useful things?. Has anyone said they would like/can use it? I so hope so!

      • Hi Cathy,

        Did you see my reply to Hazel? I may just email you both, to make sure you know about the wonderful plans afoot! And it might be good to have some separate info on the website too. Ah well, there isn’t a team yet, but of course I am getting to know thousands of great knitters, so I will be knocking on doors! Thanks for being in touch, Jaine xx

  32. Hello waving at you from the next county Worcestershire. I run a community centre and our craft group like to knit and they like to join in projects. So I’ve challenged them to knit a unit. Do we need to register somewhere? They might be able to knit the symbol – where do I find that – we have some very talented knitters with time and wool on their hands. I think its a great idea and am pleased to be part of it. if anyone is in Worcester and reads this you’re very welcome to join our group – free hot drinks and cake too – wed 1-3.

  33. Hello Jaine
    I found I needed about 102 stitches and plenty more than 100 rows to get to your 39.5″ but done now in 2 different pinks and a variety of stitches – and hope to get it in the post to you next week. Wonderful idea and my piece will show that I haven’t knitted for ages but really enjoyed doing it. Hope the finished item reaches over 7 miles!!! Jil

    • Hey Jill, it sounds brilliant – glad it got you knitting again! Thanks so much for your support – all these pieces of scarf will make beautiful blankets that will be loved xxx

  34. I would love to join in and have added a couple of rows to the Dorchester Quakers piece they are knitting for you. I am also looking forward to knitting some pieces for you as well.

    Best wishes – Jillx

  35. Jaine, I am happy to bring my bit of scarf down on sunday and to help with the sewing, if this is a good idea? Shall bring big needle and some pink wool?

    I gather it’s at the college – shall I just turn up? Anything else I need to know, or can do to help?

  36. Hi Jaine,
    Thanks for your e mail before. What I want to know now is when is the latest date for sending pieces? And do you still need more? Thanks

    • Ah, well, it would be good to have them by the end of June to give us a month to join them all together…but in reality I think we will all be joining up right through to the beginning of August!

      Jaine xx

  37. Today would have been my Mum’s 85th birthday. I find myself wearing a cardigan which my great-grandmother knitted over 50 years ago in Huddersfield & responding to an invitation by Huddersfield Meeting to link in with their event in March. So I have put it in my diary to introduce it to Hastings Meeting on March 16th and see if we can get some knitters starting together on that Sunday.

    • Hello Fiona, thank you so much for being in touch – that’s a lovely piece of family history you shared there, I do love everyone’s knitting stories. Thank you very much for your support; we are a little thin on the ground in the South east, so if you would introduce it to Hastings Meeting that would be fantastic!

      Best woolly wishes,
      Jaine xx

  38. Up here in Edinburgh, I sing with ‘Protest in Harmony’ (a political song group which ‘does what it says on the tin’!). I’m just !thrilled about this way to express creatively my commitment to PEACE & opposition to war, drones, weapons & particularly nuclear weapons.
    I’ve sent the info to lots of contacts all over the UK & overseas, including blokes!

    I can knit, have needles & wool & am raring to go!
    However, I really do want to knit the CND logo into my bit of ‘scarf’ & am just too ‘technologically challenged’ by social network sites to take advantage of patterns posted there (eg by MoiraG).

    Would it be at all possible for someone to put a pattern on this site or, or even a video clip on Youtube?

    WARMEST THANKS & CONGRATULATIONS to JAINE & all who have worked to promote this fine initiative & give encouragement, technical tips & networking options to us, the Knitters for Peace.
    Yours clickingly in the Pink!!

    • Fab email Jillian – your words have just made me smile and smile – love what you are doing up there – am hoping to get to the Edinbugh Mile event on June 28th, so maybe meet you then? Have emailed you the pattern! Jaine xx

  39. Hi Jaine, do you have contact details for the Sheffield group? I’ve knitted one piece – did it on too small needles and took ages!! – but it would be nice to knit with others.

    Thanks, Sue

  40. Hi Jaine,

    I heard about your efforts at the Feminism in London conference in October and wanted to get involved, but life got in the way.

    I’ve just started writing a paper for uni about nonviolent actions and the Greenham Women’s Peace Camp which has re-inspired me. I’m heading off to hunt out my needles post-haste!

    Good luck and if you need any logistical/admin help, in addition to contributions, let me know!


    • Hi Laura,

      Oh I know full well about pesky life getting in the way – ha! happens to me all the time – but hey, thanks for your offer of help, really appreicate it. Where abouts do you live, there may well be some joining up or other help needed. The best thing is helping hands for the day – its going to be pretty crazy unrolling the ‘beast’, but loads of fun too! Your paper about Greenham sounds fab. Thanks for your support, Jaine xx

  41. Hello Jaine Rose,
    I saw your request a little while ago & decided to make a pink scarf. I have just finished it,so will be posting it to you next week. Hope it is ok. I have enjoyed knitting it.
    Best wishes Judy

    • Oh fantastic, thanks Judith – I have a whole roomful of parcels here, maybe yours is among them! Really appreciate your support – big love and hugs xxx

  42. I haven’t posted my parcel yet,will do so it in next 2 days. Hope your protest will be a great success. Love & blessings Judith xx

    • Hi Christine, that’s fantastic, thanks! Did you go to Wonderwool again this year? Perhaps you could send your piece to CND when it is finished, that would be fab. Their address is: 162 Holloway Road, London N7 8DQ. Thanks so much! xxx

  43. Hello

    love the idea and sounds like a great project to be part of. Is it to late to jump on board.

    cheers jacqui

    • Hi there Jacqui, not not too late, and we’d love you to join us! We are trying to get scarf pieces finished by the beginning of July, but a little later would be fine. Just shout if you have any other questions – most details should be somewhere on the site! Thanks for your support, Jaine xx

    • Hi Alexander – you you bet ya! We are going from strength to strength – yes having the big final push to get our 7 miles, so if you’d like to join us – WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU!!!! You will find all the details on this site, but if you have any other questions just give a shout! Jaine xx

  44. Hi Jaine – I am half way through a pink scarf. Should be finished before the end of May. Do you still have space at your address or do you want me to send it to CND Holloway Rd?
    Joined CND 1959!
    I’m enjoying taking part again.
    Love Deeann x

  45. Any other non-knitters who want to help? Maybe you can do what I have done and send a donation towards getting the Blankets to Babies. It costs 50p to send each one to Syria or Africa, and there are going to be thousands of blankets!

    You could make a donation to
    The Coventry Wool against Weapons Savings Fund
    Account number 951819236
    Sort code 40 63 01

    I have paid to get the first hundred on their way, great if anyone else can help too.

  46. It would be a great help if there was a list of places one could deliver the sown up pieces. We are a group in Glastonbury and have heard rumours that there may be drop off points in Bristol or Taunton. Could someone confirm? If anyone in mid-Somerset is reading this, we meet at the Cafe Galatea in Glastonbury every Saturday between 11 and 12.

    • Hi Michou, ok two options – Bristol Lush are collecting pieces, and also I am hopefully coming to Glastonbury on 10th or 11th June – maybe we could meet briefly? Will Marissa be back then? Be good to see her too. Thanks for all your knitting! Jaine Rose xx

    • Or better still Michou – are there any knitters who could come on the day? We need all the willing hands and hearts we can get!! xx

  47. Hi. I’ve nearly finished a piece that’s not all pink. Hope that’s ok. A few more days and it should be done! Is there a collection point in Cambridge or should I just post it? Kind wishes, Diane.

    • Hi Diane, sounds great – and the scarves with other bits of colour are complimenting all the pink, so all is well! There is a Lush store in the City Centre in Cambridge that may well take your piece in if that is easier. If not, then perhaps you could send it to 162 Holloway Road, London N7 8DQ which is the CND address! Thanks for your support! Jaine xx

    • Hi Diane, quick rethink – could you send your piece in to CND please – I’m not sure that there is a group near Cambridge who would be able to pick up any pieces left at Lush. Oh, logistics….dont you love them!!! Jaine xx CND is at: 162 Holloway Road, London N7 8DQ

  48. I am a little slow getting started with this but I think I should be able to finish my knitting in 1-2 weeks time. Is that ok? Is it best to use one of the drop offs or send it straight to you? I’m only a beginner knitter but I would love to contribute this. I started knitting in December 2013 and this is the reason I got into it. I now feel confident enough to send something in!

  49. Hi there
    We are a group of Stroud knitters (I was at the photo call with the choir the other day) made me cry buckets……
    Who do we contact to book seats on the Stroud coach?
    Wonderful initiative by the way.
    Much love

    • Hi Roma, sorry not to have got back to you sooner – oh, wasn’t it lovely – made me cry too – very moving. Well, tickets can be bought from Black Books cafe or the Trading Post – or there will be a stall at the Farmers Market this Saturday (19th) or you can always email me. Coach leaves from the Lock Keepers at 8.30am on the 9th and will return to Stroud for approx. 5.30pm. Jaine xx

    • Thanks Jane – please tell me Ali isn’t still all wrapped up in the wool, neatly packed away until Aug 9th – ha ha – thanks for sending it through – and thanks to everyone for all that fantastic knitting!! Jaine xxx

    • …ah thank you so much Sally, I love your energy and enthusiasm, your cheque arrived – thank you for being so fab, Jaine xx

      • Brilliant! And I have booked my tickets and will be there with the South West group at Aldermaston. What a fabulous job you are doing! Love and peace to you, Sally xx

  50. Hello Jaine,

    Marta and me (from Holland) were the last days with you and I try to get to contact you serveral times but it not happened.
    We have had a very good time with you and I want to stay in contact with you.
    Will you lease sent me a message back so I have the good emailadres.

    Thanks a lot, Much greatings and a hug, Hanneke

  51. Hi Jaine,

    Best of luck to you and the crew for tomorrow. Have just found out about your project, the day before lift off. Hope it goes brilliantly. Once you’ve recovered and rested, do please post information about your next set of plans. I have some spare pink wool here that could come in handy… (though you may be sick of the sight of pink at this point!). Looking forward to seeing photos of the end result.

  52. Dear Jaine,
    Love this action! I’m very pleased I could contribute 3 pieces that were among the stash brought to you from Holland. Wishing you and everyone a great day tomorrow!

  53. Hi Jaine, Just discovered Woolforweapons and am really fed up that I am too late to become involved! Have donated some money to help postage for blankets but can I still be involved in some way? Is there a centre in North Yorkshire where I could collect pieces to sew into blankets? I hope that perhaps another project will begin soon – as an ardent knitter and peace supporter (since Greenham Common started!) I would love to get involved. Love and blessings to all x

  54. Hi Jaine
    Very well done! Shame that I just found out about this (after the fact) – unfortunately, the earth pathways diary has your date listed for next week! But even so, I wouldn’t have been able to knit anything and send it to the UK in time anyway. I DO hope that your success paves the way for another go round for 2015 or beyond. Imagine what 14 or 21 miles of pink looks like! Do let me/us know and enjoy your month of hibernation. :-)
    Rasma (salt spring island, canada)

  55. Hi Jaine,

    Glad you all had a good day! Please do let me know when you are going to separate the scarves etc so I can join in. I had such fun sewing them up and all the ladies were wonderful and friendly.

    Enjoy your R&R

  56. Hallo
    i came to the wool against weapons gig at aldermaston sometime ago. It was brilliant and kudos to you all ! I took a picture of a pink woolen banner tha had tghe following woven into it
    “” The stone Gods are falling
    the women are rising
    and declare
    not in my name”
    I’m wondering as to the derivation of this quote if anyone knows.
    peace and love

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