The Scarf Grows…..

I started out so well, photographing each single piece that you wondrous knitters sent in – oh I did have every good intention, and then somewhere around last Feb I got well and truly buried in your pink anarchy – so forgive me if you don’t see you piece here – couldn’t bear any sad faces – I have noticed, loved and appreciated every single bit sent to me – and have done my best to put a few up and a few names….

so here we go then……

Mid July call of thanks to: Isabel R, Joyce B, Pip T, Pauline D, Jill L, Janet from Australia, Joanna G, Wendy F, Dyllis (for Lis), Catherine H, Chrissie from Sheffield, Davina S, Susan H, Hilary G, Anne H, Bianca & Sheila, Patti from the U.S, Lyn & Mel from Canada, Heather M from Canada, Creston Trinity United Church Canada, Ellie M, Jo and Kirsti 
and to anyone else who’s name might have been left off – big big cheering and thanks and love!!

oh you lovely women – Heather, Beryl and Mary

is your piece here….waiting patiently….??

Ruth’s piece among the sweet peas….

more loveliness from Singing Bird Artist!

Russel’s piece – how impressed are we over here?!

Davy’s piece – oh wow!

gorgeous piece from Allison!

Thank you my lovelies: 

Jane W, Jane T, Janet S, Natasha F, a Halifax Quaker, Diana and her students, a knitter from Holland, Francesca, Karen, Mrs Evans, Christine (thank you so much for your donation too) Sarah, Helen, June W, Gill H, M Mead, Suzi H, Bobby H, Corinna, Sabine, Mariam, Carmen all from Germany, Angela E, Sally S and the Knit, Knatter and Sing Group of Redruth, Jean P, Birdie & Hatice in Hamburg, Helen’s Craft Group: Helen, Alice, Allison, Roma, Jane & Jackie, Margot, M. Mead, Wendy, Lynn, all the Settle knitters, Jan N, Lorri for the latest banner joining and all the lovely anonymous knitters

Roll call of honour for the following fab knitters…..thank you so much for the mountain of scarf that is arriving every day at my house! 

Lakshmi, L. Lowdon, Lily & Rain, Ruth, Catriona, Rosemary, Gari, Judith, Star, Ann, Susan, Joy, Rene, Val, Debby & Liberty, Sue, Kara & Jill, Rosemary J, Mary, Vicky, Jane, Viv, Ruth E, Lesley (Grannie Rainbow), Emma, Margarita Rainbow, Mary, D Cook & L Cook, Raumi, Joan, Ali, Marilyn, Sarah A & Rose, Hazel, Catherine, Eileen, Helga, Marg, Susan H, and all the lovely anonymous knitters xxx

Here are some of the pieces that have been sent in at the end April/beginning of May (apologies that there are too many now to be posting individual names and photos, but thank you all of you amazing knitters, it is really appreciated!)



this weeks anonymous scarf pieces and a massive thank you to you all, whoever you are! xxx

A wonderful piece from Winifred W. who is from Dumfries, a Fairtrade Town. She collected her pink yarn from friends, and here we have it, her ‘crafivism piece’ – amazing, thank you xxx

 We love you Alice H from London – who calls me from time to time to say hello and have a wee chat! I’ve never met you, but you’re fab, and I love your blue anarchy xxx


A sea of sweet flowers from Angie S. – thank you, they’re lovely xxx

A piece from Bronwen C. which I wish you could hold in your hands, as its delicious, and with a very clever stitch in it too. Hope your trip to the Palestinian Territories is a good one. xxx


The most fabulous parcel of patchwork pieces from Candide in Walsingham, a place I know really well, so a huge thank you  xxx

Another, yes ANOTHER huge parcel from Caroline K and friends from Donegal (thanks Bev for being the delivery girl) – big big cheer and thank you – hope I get to meet some of you in the summer xxx
Beautiful pieces from Celia W. – thank you, they are lovely xxx
Gorgeously pink and soft from Chris, in Wells, Somerset – thank you so much  xxx

From Greenham woman Di K, and her friends in Church Stretton – a fantastic collection of scarf pieces with the message “to the next generation of activists, with love and best wishes for August 9th” – thank you, thats inspiring xxx
 The best crocheted piece of scarf, thank you Elizabeth K, its fab xxx

Fantastically pink piece from Emma S. who says she’s not much of a knitter but she used needles that had belonged either to her mother or grandmother both of whom had been involved in CND in the 50′s and 60′s. Thanks Emma! xxx 

The most baby soft and lovely pieces from Fran J. and a nice little squirrel card  Thank you xxx

Ah Gavin, I love you  Five beautiful pieces and the best postcard (photo of Vivienne Westwood dressed as Margaret Thatcher) with the words “this woman was once a punk” – thank you so much for all your hard work, truly xxx

P.S. Gavin says the wool is mostly from other people, including folk on Ravelery and that his “sizes are, ‘erm, Bohemian”

Thank you lovely friend Gillian, Dartmoor woman, its a gorgeous piece and the sweetest card too xxx

..and another piece from my dear friend Glennie – the fluffiest and best piece, made me smile  thank you xxxx
Look how busy Helen B. and her friends have been – wow, thanks so much all of you, they are fab xxx
Love this piece from my Stroud friend Judith, and I heard a whisper that her 17 year old son Joe helped a bit too, yay  thank you xxx
another lovely Stroud friend – Kirsty – and her gorgeous stripy scarfy pieces – thank you for all your support Kirsty xxx
Oh Louise, you are so fab, your 3rd piece, thank you so much, its lovely xxx
 A beautiful piece from Maggie H with gorgeous little details, thank you for all your hard work xxx
A banner piece knitted by Maggie from Hartshill, a “d” and a pound sign for the “What would you spend £100 billion on?” – thank you so much, its great! xxx
….you saw the ‘in action’ photos of the very wonderful Marazion group – here are the finished pieces – thanks everyone, you rock xxx

more wonderfulness from Marg B and friends in Shropshire, always with sprinklings of magic woven in xxx
What a gorgeous piece Mary P, really made me smile, thank you xxx
another beautiful piece from Mary W. with lovely details, thank you xxx
Two wonderfully crocheted lilac pieces – sweet little blankets on their own – thank you Morag, can’t believe you say you are new to crochet, they’re perfect xxx
Oooh, Rachel M’s banner piece for the “Imagine all the people” banner – fantastic! Thank you xxx

Really fab Rita and Pauline, with such brilliant designs, thank you so much xxx
Is this yours Ruth? Or does anyone else recognise it? The scarf piece and the card got mixed up, oooops, there were rather a lot of pieces there, anyhow, its fab, thank you xxx

Another banner piece for the “What would you spend” banner from Stella – great work, thank you very much wonderful you! xxx
Ooops, sorry Veronica, the pic is upside down – but you get the idea, I love it, your second piece now, right? Thank you! xxx
Getting a bit excited about the two banners (are you too Lori?!) – this piece is from Wendy, thank you so much! xxx

Go Beryl GO!!!!!!! Well that is one busy knitter – thanks so much Beryl M., you superstar you!!

This is Ruth’s piece – tassels and sunshine – oh hello springtime!!  Thanks Ruth!

So Andy was delighted with his hat that Anke knitted him – here he is modelling it 

 So, deep breath, time to take the plunge….

Thank you Angela B – all sorts of lovely stitches and stripes, fab piece  xx

Such a great morning with Sue and Sandy in Sennen (got kinda a nice ring to it  ) and here they are modelling their pieces, go girls….. xxx

Well Anke, you superstar – a crazy patchwork piece, another pink and black piece, both very striking and lovely, a banner piece, and….wait for it….a beanie hat for Andy our postman – he will be delighted  Thank you so much, industrious woman xx
Sweet little Peace Doves stitched on to Annette W’s scarf, thank you! xx
An anonymous piece with a note saying “knitted by my 95 year old mother who has not knitted anything for 70 odd years” – how fab, thank you so much xx


The most gorgeous anonymous pieces – sending love and thanks to you xx

A wonderful knitter casting on her piece on Australia Day by the Shoalhaven River in NSW. It was cast off on International Womens’ Day in Shipley, Yorkshire
….and here is the very piece! Well travelled and very lovely  xx
Hannah T’s cat having taken a bit of a fancy to this very pinky blanket….
Lots and lots of wonderful crochet from the very busy Hazel E. – thank you  xx
A fab knitted patchwork piece from Janet S. and Sue B. – really love it, thank you xx

Jenny C. says ‘hoorah for Wool Against Weapons’ and gives us an explanation of her piece: (from the bottom up) – thanks Jenny - Vibrant pink has protested about Trident for decades (orange blocks)
-Vibrant Pink & Tranquil Pink make a pleasant co-existing pattern
-But its spoiled by ugly orange
-Renewed efforts by Vibrant Pink 
-Patterns spoiled. Random effects
-Tranquil Pink ignores threat. Gets surrounded. Protests ignored.
-Ugly orange gains strength with promise of Trident Renewal. Unspeakable consequences possible
-Vibrant Pink keeps trying and a narrow Tranquil Pink line gives hope. You will succeed.

Very sweet piece with lots of great stitches from Jil C. – thank you xxx

Another fab banner piece – the P and E from ‘Imagine all the People’ – beautifully knitted by Jill O’Neill – thank you so much! xx

More fab pieces from Jilly P – thank you  xx

It’s fab Jo S H – thank you for perfect stripes xx

A really nice piece from my lovely friend Julie, with special wool, thank you  xx

Lots of pieces sewn together by Karen C. – your needles must have had steam coming from them  - big hugs and thanks xx

The sweetest and softest knitted piece from Lesley and Linda – thank you both of you xxx
Love this crocheted scarf piece that comes with love from the Limbrick family
Linda L.’s fantastic piece, all the more brilliant because she reckoned she wasn’t a great knitter – love the little red edge too xx
Thank you Liz for your fab piece and a big hello to all the Christian CND’ers xx


Another fantastic piece from Louise P. – thank you lovely knitting woman  xx

Amazing stitches all on one piece from Maggie from Edinburgh, love it, thank you! xx


Fantastic Jill S., all the way from the Isle of Lewis – thank you! xx

Amazing stripyness from Moragh B. who said she doesn’t envy us rolling out such a long scarf – she organised an 8″ wide mile long scarf two years ago which was quite a job she said! xx


Hey Nina – gorgeous colours in your latest piece – massive thank you and love xx

oh you have to see this fab piece close up to really appreciate the crazy, wondrous colours jumping out from its very stripes….thank you Sue from Suffolk xx

Sue P’s amazing crocheted wonder, with the sweetest little flower to make you smile  xx
oh now, this is a magic piece from Thera all the way from Amsterdam. Looked at from one angle you see a colourful pink piece, then when you move the word Love jumps out in a different colour – very hard to photograph! – thanks so much Thera, its fab xx

Ok, have to confess to a wee tear with this one – lovely piece from Valerie, that came with money tucked into the sweetest card, saying ‘I know these things take a lot of energy and resources…so use the £ for either a latte or more wool  ” – what can I say – other than thank you amazing woman xxxx

again, wish you could see this close up to appreciate all the fab stitches – thank you so much Viv J.  xxx

Elizabeth D’s most beautiful piece, and such a fantastic letter too – thank you xx

More crafty anonymous pieces….so fab, thank you whoever you are!!

Little beauties E Nussbaum – thank you, they are gorgeous! xxx

Ooooh, what do you think of this then – fab wool and nifty stitches….thank you Sue xxx

Another brilliant piece from Fuggo with a great postcard! Thank you xxx

Hey check out Geraldine’s ribbing – little bit jealous - thank you so much! xxx

Whoohooo Irene O – love this! – thank you very much xxx

A banner piece from Jane G. – a gorgeously stripy W as in What Would You Spend £100 Billion On? Thanks Jane – its fab! xxx

Patchwork loveliness from Judith C. – it’s Little House on the Prairie all over again  xxx

Soft and gorgeous – thank you Ros W, really appreciate it! xxx
Thank you Sarah W – loved the stories behind the wool too  xxx
Cheering you on Sue G. – thank you for brilliant knitting!  xxx
Oooh, loving all these stripes – thanks so much Linda! xxx
….and more stripy wonderfulness from Pendella – thank you! xxx
How sweet is this? Thank you so much Veronica, its lovely xxx
 Gorgeous little anonymous pieces via Caroline K – they are so lovely, thank you xx

A big stack of anonymous pieces – thank you dear knitters, you rock 

Bev has been on fire – 7 pieces – woweeee – thanks so much, they are fab xxx

A bag of loveliness from Caroline K. (dropped off by Bev, great to meet you!) – they are amazing Caroline, thank you!!! xxx

Close up of Caroline’s Blooms not Bombs
The sweetest pink from Rina P. with lovely little stitchy patterns too, thank you xxx
Iain M from Cheltenham has been busy again – dusting down his needles are decades  thank you xxx
Gorgeous piece from Louise – love the red border too, thank you xxx
The most fantastic ribs from Marion McP – lush colour too – thank you xxx
Flower power from Nicky – pretty impressed over here – thank you so much! xxx
The softest candy floss stripes from Penny, really lovely, thank you xxx
Five whole pieces from Hazel – oh thank you so much fab knitter, all those lovely stripes!! xxx

First up, oh so soft and sweet – a piece from Ann H – thank you! xx

A piece of the second banner ‘Imagine all the people’ – thanks Mary, you’re a star  xx
Three anonymous pieces – thank you knitters who did these, they are lovely  xx

Are these fantastic granny square blankets yours, Pat M? Thank you so much! xx
 Gorgeously gentle pink – thank you Bess, its lovely xx
Crochet from Constance – so fab! And if you are ever in Sennen, go and see her at the farmers market where she has lots of crocheted goodies for sale  xx
Such funky wool, love the different stitches too, thanks Diane M. xx
Knitted patchwork piece from Helen C – thanks Helen, so creative, love it! xx
….and a close up of the butterfly!
With fab little gathered edges and buttons, like the swishy skirts in Gone with the Wind!! Thank you Jill R xx
Lots of brilliant different stitches and wool, love the homemade card too, thanks Judith xx
Jumping back into knitting, her first time since 1999 – so a big cheer to Kate, thank you xxx
Marg’s third piece – all stripy with cute little knitted bows – thank you xx
Love this, not sure what the stitch is, but its so pretty, thank you Mavis xx
Always so impressed by these baskety weave pieces, thank you Pat T for all your hard work xx
Oooh, Sally R., thank you, wonderful piece xx
Gorgeous little scalloped crochet by Sue S and Irene M – thank you brilliant knitters xx
So thick and snuggly with a fluffy, bobbly end (technical knitting term there) – thank you Susan S. xx
Hey look at Jane Pearn’s piece – all knitted – even the tiny ladder and little person – isn’t that fab! 

Margaret, you are brilliant, more pieces left at my house – love the stripes….thank you xx….and check out the next pic to see what else she’s been up to…..

oooooh! How clever is that! Modelled here by my lovely neighbour Jeremy (grabbing men off the street is becoming a theme this week, have you noticed??) Anyway, absolutely fab piece of scarf Margaret – thank you so much! xxx


Pretty excited about this wide ribbing, thanks Helen, its brilliant, and I wish you could see the true colour – its more orange than this pic, and quite wonderful xx

Ah now, Fran has been busy knitting and modelling…another gorgeously chunky piece of scarf….see the next pic……

……and this is Fran demonstrating how I might steal this piece and wear it around my own neck in these chilly winds….thank you, perfect! xx

Thank you Amanda, you star, five whole pieces! I have used this pic for our Hawkwood flyer  xx

Oooh, Bernice – this pink rocks….its fab – that will make the scarf glow out at Aldermaston, thank you xx

Thank you Cathy – this is such a thick, chunky piece of scarf, and sooo soft too  xx

Two lovely anonymous pieces – although we have sinced found out that one of them belongs to Christine, who says:

“The one on the right that will have arrived looking like a squiggy pink roly poly was from me. I forgot to add my details until after I had taped it all up. Just glad Andy the Postie got it to you. Great job you and everyone involved is doing.” Ha, thank you!! xx

Two really unusual pieces from Sue – very funky! Thank you xx

Amazing wool – thank you Sue in Suffolk – its fab! xx

Great little piece from Pearl N. – so cleverly designed and with words too – thank you xx

Another thick and beautifully knitted piece from Mary W. – its lovely, thank you xx

Thanks so much to the Marshall family for four whole pieces – all so soft and lovely xx

Hey Marg B – another one! Thank you – such cute little flowers attached to it, perfect xx

Love this piece – so pretty and will make a gorgeous blanket – thanks Linda xx

Oh this is also a bit exciting – all the way from New Jersey – Lee’s piece – thanks so much for joining us Lee – really appreciate it! xx

A very special woven piece from Kate – its so beautifully intricate, and quirky and colourful – thank you so much xx

Super funky piece from Karen R – thank you! – and such a great little card too! xx

This is the softest, best piece – such a great colour too – thanks Joanna xx

The most gorgeous granny squares Janis, thank you so much – hope you don’t mind me sharing your words…..

There is a little story behind my piece which I would like to share. The wool was given to me a couple of years ago by a grand lady on 102 who still always had knitting on the go. I wasn’t too sure how to use the bright pink but kept it in my craft basket. Low and behold the reason I was giften it appreared with your project, perfect.

I started with a chain of 8, the symbol of infinity, which joins to become a circle, unity and community. The circle expands to 16 sets of 3 chain and then becomes a square encompassing the circle with 4 corners, 4 directions and symbolising the 4 elements joined in the centre circle by Spirit. I think of the symbolism as I am soothed by the rhythm of the craft.

Please accept this small contribution to your project each square crafted with Love

These stripes really made me smile – so fab, brightening this grey January  Thank you Jill x

A piece with a fab story – thanks so much Helen – and the badge that is sewn on is from Woodstock in the 1960′s – how about that!! xx
“My mum wouldn’t let me go to Aldermaston in the early 60′s, but she did teach me to knit…I finally got to an Aldermaston blockade a couple of years ago, aged 63! It was one THE experiences of my life.”

Love this piece – its so thick its almost felted – will make the best warm blanket – thank you Eluna from CND (did I get your name right??) xx

Wish you could see these great stitches up close – wonderful…thank you Elizabeth B xx

Thanks Christine O. – such a crazily pinky pink, its fab! xx

This is the loveliest piece from Christine – thank you, such a sweet colour and pattern xx

and here are the other 6 of Barbara’s latest batch all joined up – wow, fab pieces, thank you so so much xxxx

No holding back that woman – lost count of how many pieces Barbara has done now – she is extraordinary – here are two more…. xx

More anonymous pieces – some real beauties among them – and one of them has a cheeky red feather stitched on which made me smile. Thank you lovely knitters  xxxxxx

Anonymous piece in the most perfect basket weave stitch – thank you xx

Fab piece from Ann S – beautifully knitted, thank you xx

Love these little flowers – thanks Evelyn – its a fantastic piece xx

Barbara’s banner piece – the ‘would’ bit of “What would you spend £100 billion on?” – looking so so good – thank you! xx

Two great pieces sent anonymously from London – the turquoise is stunning – thank you! xx


Love the basket weave stitches Sue T. – great wool too, thank you, we love it  xxx

Beautiful piece from Patricia, thanks so much, so soft and lovely  xxx



This is Nina from Tanzania rolling out her three gorgeous pieces….she may make a very special ‘guest appearance’ at our Stroud join up at Hawkwood on 23rd Feb (details to follow soon) – thanks Nina xxx

Such a lovely piece from Mary C. – lots of interesting stitches and I love the little white corner too. Thank you xxx

This is the nicest, pinkyest, prettiest piece from Ruth – thank you so much! xxx 

Lovely Stroud neighbour Lindsay left these on my doorstep – she and her daughter Poppy knitted them over Christmas on ginormous needles! The wool flecked with blues was spun by Phil at Cornhill Pets in Stroud (this is a pet shop that has given over half of the space to all things woolly – with a spinning wheel and fleece and incredible wool to rummage over, lucky us  ) Thanks so much Lindsay, they are fantastic! xxx


Amazing pieces from Helen W. (incredible wool, would love to know what its called) who told me that her 92 year old mother started them, but then decided to give up knitting, so she finished the final strip! Thanks so much Helen, and please pass on our admiration to your mum too xxx


Brilliant joint effort from Elaine and her sister (her sister did the two fancy pieces apparently, but they all look pretty pro to me!!) Thank you both xxx

The loveliest piece from Christine O. who blocked it to make it stretch to its 60cm width – good thinking! Fab colour xxx

Three gorgeous and anonymous pieces – they are lovely, thank you knitters  xxx

Wow Annie, moved to tears by your letter about your mum Evelyn and the last piece she ever knitted (pale pink at the bottom) and your granny square piece is a triumph! Big love xxx



Yay, made me smile so much – thanks to yarnbomber Francesca from the Salisbury group Just Yarn It, its fab! xxx

Oooh, very excited – the first piece of banner is back – this is the bit that will spell “you spend” as in “What would you spend £100 billion on?” – thanks so much Bryony, its ace! xxx

Thanks Annette, this is the cutest piece with lovely fluffy bits too (we love fluffy, oh yes we do….) xxx


Its all been happening out there over Christmas…here are some action shots which we hope you will enjoy…..

Sue’s mum, with an amazing colour of pink….. 

Nina’s been knitting for us all the way from Tanzania

“Saturday was the Christmas Fair … so we got ourselves a pitch and had fun! Showing off our scarf with the help of Borth Community Garden stall

“The banner – wooly submarine made at Women in Tune – idlewit August 2013 – it’s taken ’til now to get it it sewn up. Big thanks to all who helped (aged 7 to over 60)”

Janet Jones with local MP Mark Williams having a wee go at knitting…..


David learning to knit – cheering you on babycakes!! 

Bryony and her daughter and other knitters at Skipton Quakers knit in

Bryony’s daughter’s first go at crochet – wow! 

Anne and Rene knitting in Kerala

….then back home at Christmas…..

Lots of gorgeous Christmas pieces came flooding in… they are:

first up, beautiful pieces from Val D’s sister….thank you xxx

Fantastic stripy piece from Shirley, thank you xxx

Rosemary in France has been super busy and bobbly, thank you xxx

A wonderful lilac piece from MJ McAlpine – thank you xxx

Like a gorgeous frothy milkshake, thank you Miriam xxx

the most perfect piece from Liz P., thank you xxx

Crochet and knitting from Lily Willow and Rainbow Cobwebs, thank you fab women xxx

Some beauties from my dear friend Jean, thank you soul sister xxx

Look at this fab knitted heart from Jacqui L., thank you xxx

Cath’s blue sparkly Peace banner, yay! xxx

Fairies becoming a theme, thank you Helen, they are beautiful xxx

Granny Rainbow does it again! Thank you Lesley xxx

the best pink ever from Jill Y., thank you xxx

Such sweet pieces from Christine, Emma’s Nan – modelled here by a fairy mouse… xxx

gorgeously thick and colourful pieces from Celia, thank you xxx

such unusual granny squares from Catherine, thank you xxx

more loveliness from Cath, thank you xxx

a whole heap of anonymous pieces – thank you secret knitters xxxx

these beauties from Anne R., thank you xxxx

Fab pieces from Suzanne, thank you xxx

Thank you Sophie, she of the very busy hooks, they are lovely xxx

Oh Pearl, you are a wonder! Thank you xxx

Gorgeousness from Maria’s mum, thank you xxx

Beautiful heart filled peace pieces, thank you Liz T. xxx

Hey Kate and Konnie – you ace knitters, thank you xxx

Thank you Helen, its fab xxx


Thank you Beth for your lovely piece…xxx

Three gorgeous and anonymous pieces….thank you beautiful knitters out there…xxxx

Lots of fab things going on at Uncle Leos (including ice cream we are told…) xxx

Thank you Robin’s mum, looks fantastic! xxx

Take a look at Karin’s crocheted blanket….thank you, its fab xxx

Jill B knitting up a storm for us! xxx

Pics of her two Union Jack and CND symbol pieces …thank you! xxx

and this second one…..

Gorgeous wee hearts from Christina…thank you xxx

Look at these crazy granny squares from Ayrshire CND, gotta love them! xxx

Thank you Woolly Greyhound for your clever knitting paws xxx

Thank you all you Voice camp knitters for this community piece xxx

Oh how much do I love this Theo?! Thank you xxx

Thank you so much lovely Teresa from Choir xxx

Stripy wonderfulness from Norma – thank you xxx

Do’s 3rd piece – yay! to you, thank you so much xxx

Thank you so much Clare, gorgeous! xxx

Oh you wondrous knitter – thank you Clare’s mum xxx

It’s fab Cath, thank you! xxxx

Black Books Cafe – a community knitted piece – thank you Stroudies! xxx

An anonymous crocheted piece – thank you! xxx

A gorgeous piece from Ann, thank you xxx

Beautiful Alice, thank you xxx

From Scotland….

From Renate in the mountains…..

From Sarah H…..

From Pauline T. and the Welsh knitters…..

From Pat (from Stroud Song)….

From L. Bath…..

From Joy B……

From Gwen…..


dropped off at Bluestocking in Stroud….

From Ester…..

From Caroline S…..

From Audrey F…..

From Val…..

From Stella…..

From Sandra and the Hearsall Lunch club….

From Rae S……..

From M. Johnson…..

From Marion D……..

From Granny Rainbow….

From Jo Cooper…..

A piece from Jess M.’s mum…..

In memory of Gisela Martha Irma Tait….

An anonymous piece from Brighton…..

Three beauties from Anna R……..

Some gorgeous crochet from Andrea G……

Susanne’s pooches reluctantly let us have these pieces in the end – thank you xx

Very funky piece from Susan H. – fab wool and tassels – oooh! Thank you xx

Nicole’s piece with lots of fab stitches…thank you! xx

Thanks Maya – so perfectly knitted – and in the most amazing wool xx

Love this piece from Jeannie who is from Newcastle Upon Tyne – beautiful soft stripes all melting into each other, thank you xx

Funky knitted patchwork from Jean Clare, thank you xx

Soft and sweetly pink, thank you its lovely, Cath L xx

Peace and Love – an anonymous piece from Bolton, thank you xxx

How about this for ingenious? Crocheted CND granny squares….thank you Tina…it is wondrous and magical! xxx

Susanne’s dogs may not let her send us this piece, they are looking pretty cosy to me…..xx

the grooviest piece from Sandy S to make you smile – thank you xx

Roslyn’s piece – just so pretty – with ribbons stitched in – thank you, its lovely xxx

Nicole knits anywhere and everywhere – keep it up sister! xxx

More magic from Margaret – oh we love you! Thank you xx

This piece jingle jangles like you wouldn’t believe – its amazing – with silver bells stitched on! Thank you Karen, great idea xxx

So gorgeous, thank you Joy, it is a fantastic colour too…. xxx

So soft and beautiful – wish you could see this for real – perhaps you will if you come on the day – it has beautiful little ribbons attached. Thank you Jenny C xx

These are the prettiest, and such perfect edges! Thank you Heather xxx 

Knitting AND crochet – how much did we smile!!! Thank you xxx

so great to have some crochet – thanks again Celia B! Its lovely xxx

Lisa and I got all excited and happy opening this month’s parcel surprises….

Thank you Sally B – ribbing to swoon over – xxx

How about this then? A huge box of contributions from the Helping Hands knitters group – what a brilliant bunch of women, thank you xxx

Check out this hot pink from Chrissie M – ooh thank you! xx

My cat Martha would like you to think this was her contribution, but it is actually an anonymous piece from Exmouth xx

Anne Brenner from Wisconsin in the US sent us two incredible pieces – thank you! xxx

Well, I bet you were all wondering when MY piece would make a guest appearance…hmmmm…here it is – with a whole heap of help from the community at Black Books cafe in Stroud xxx

Two anon pieces – thank you, they’re lovely xxx

We saw it from it’s first stitches – Becky’s granny square piece, all finished! Thank you xxx

Now, I am getting a bit confused with these anonymous pieces – have we had this one before? Well, a big thank you to it’s creator xx

Isn’t this your second piece Robyn? It’s gorgeous, thank you xxx

Hilary’s 4th and 5th pieces – she’s still going strong, that woman…thank you xxx

Fab and funky peace dove from Petra – go girl xxx

Natalie’s piece – so beautifully knitted – thank you xxx

crochet envy in a big way – thank you Joyce – it’s fantastic xx

rows and rows of pinky softness from Julie – delicious, thank you xx


Fab turquoise border (which I love) from Dolly – thank you xx

ok, the name-eating goblin of badness has stolen the name of the person who knitted this gorgeous one – is it yours?? 

A lovely piece from Petuna/Paddy – sorry, couldn’t quite make out your name, but thank you so much xxx

a super exciting package from Mary…..

and unpacked…….ooooh! xxx

An anonymous little pixie piece…thank you!

Lots and lots of pieces – 13 in fact! – from Leslie – wow!

Hilary’s third piece – oh thank you! (blowing kisses….)

A gorgeously soft pinky piece from Dawn who is Becky’s mum apparently!

Sheila’s piece with a little surprise in it’s pocket…

Lorri T – what a superstar! – begins the charts for the special knitted banner we will be making….

Josie and Serena bring pieces of fabness

lots of packages arrive….

another bundle of pieces arrives through the post!


a beautiful piece sent anonymously from Wales – thank you!

from Linda and Llandrindod & Pales Quakers


three pieces from Margaret!

patchwork from Ruth….

thank you Sarah, gorgeous colour! 

deliciousness from Norfolk’s Chocolate Deli girls – Gaby, Joan and Monica!

thank you to Melodie! xxx

Becky’s progress (we are waiting with bated breath….)

an exceptionally talented (and exhausted) monkey – and a small bit of help from Ingrid

Our oldest knitter I believe – Elna Tarnudd in Sweden

Becky’s granny squares (watch this space…)

Herb the dog modelling Susan’s piece…..

from Hilary…

Sayaphim’s piece arrives from Australia

here’s Nim…

Joanna knitting on water

from Marg

Sandria’s pieces…

Josie knitting (at Bingo!)

Catherine knitting….

from Susan

Judith’s second piece…

from J Hicks

an anonymous piece from Bristol….

from Lyn

Glennie’s knit in at Ashley Hay festival

Look what Pauline brought to Stroud for me (yahoo) from Merched y Wawr Caeryddin (Ladies of the Dawn) and also from the Carmarthen embroiderers group – thanks ladies! 

Barbara’s pieces (she’s on fire, that Barbara!!)

Mel performs a miracle…

Lorri begins her written/knitted masterplan

Olga’s piece from Vancouver, Canada

Berit & Kristina’s pieces in Sweden

Sayaphim knitting in Melbourne, Australia

Yvonne’s piece

from Sarah A

from Sandy B

what Nim did next!!

from Jenny

from Do

from Di (whose been REALLY busy….)

from Dareth

from Celia

next up: Helen and Helen – two friends knitting a piece together – great idea!

Joanna knitting on the way home from the Aldermaston protest on April 1st….

the Knighton knit-in over Easter (with hot chocolate naturally)….

a stunning piece from Janet Moxley (with little people dancing on it!!!) 

Fantastic PEACE piece of scarf from Rachael…

stripey loveliness from Lucille….

Roger getting to grips with a pair of frisky needles…..

Sarah dropping her bit off in person to me….

Lizzie’s amazing banner – our first! – soooo exciting!

Helen’s piece of scarf (with the snoozing help of Nellie….)

and finally (for now!)…Natasha’s piece of wonderfulness…..

Here is a great blogpost from Petra Hilgers who was at last Monday’s Stop Fooling With Nuclear Weapons Protest at Aldermaston

This is a very sweet story from someone I’ve met, called Mary, and her mum. This is what she wrote…

Hi Jaine – it’s Mary here from the lovely Dartmoor weekend – you know I’m the one that you ‘glared’ at, demanding that I pick up my needles!! Well thought I’d just drop you a line to say that 3 pieces are in progress – the one that’s coming on best is being knitted by my Mum – complete with dementia, she is steaming away with it – I cannot tell you Jane how heart warming it is to see her purposeful with her task (I’ve told her it’s for blankets for children – they’re nearer to her heart and easier to understand at this stage than the other aspects of your project!) Another piece is being painstakingly approached by one of her carers – never knitted in her life before, but showing a dertermination of the flavour of …’well if you can knit with dementia…’! And yes, the 3rd piece is of course being knitted by me. Have been spreading the word and very hopeful that there should be plenty of support from this neck of the woods heading your way. Keep well and keep up the good work girl – you are wonderful, you can do it, and thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for the nudge that got me to think of putting a set of needles back in my Mum’s hands – I feel there might be an offshoot to wool against weapons, something for the health sector along the lines of – before you drug them up because they are inconvenient to care for, please check to see if they can be gainfully employed to knit!! Love to you and yours, Maryxxxxxxx


and still they roll in….thanks lovely knitters and crocheters….here are the latest pieces:

from Yvonne, inspired by Kaffe Fassett:

from Linda – loving the Doves!!! 

from Judith (she’s a very lovely tenor from my community choir Stroud Song)

from Hilary…with some pretty cool basket weave and moss stitches (might need a tutorial on that sometime Hilary!)

and the most perfectly special piece from Pearl, all the way from France….


Here are some pics of the first pieces that are being made! Yahoooo, check out those pinks….

From Sue….

and the first piece from Stroud Song, our community choir – thanks Tina! 

Fuggo and furry paws…

and the finished piece when it arrived in Stroud! (pretty impressed with the cabling……)

me, excited about Julia’s fluffiness…

from Robyn…..

more magic from Barbara!

Julia Richardson…

from Kaj Mad Petlady!

latest in from Mandy…

Jo with her granny squares

Rachael’s pieces…







Really excited about all you lovely knitters and crocheters who have said YES! to getting involved with this woolly madness. Really – thank you xxxx

So, I would like to send some sparkly Stitchy Witch cards to the first five people to finish their metre scarf pieces – just email me a photo of you with your pinky offering at

Tra la!

Today I made my first visit to the Women’s Peace Camp at Aldermaston – what a fab bunch of women!…and what a scary place the Atomic Weapons Establishment is….shiver….

I feel inspired to make my own stitchy banner after this seeing this one…a visit to the scrap store is needed I think. I may not be able to climb barbed wire fences easily, but stiching I CAN DO…..oh yes indeedy!

51 thoughts on “The Scarf Grows…..

  1. Go Jaine!! Stitchywitchiness is called for…
    Could you add more detail for the knitted metre scarf pieces please?
    I have made a start but not sure if it needs to be a precise width or chunkiness etc… x

    • ah, I see what you mean Kate….as long as it measures about 60cm across then great! – just keep going until its a metre long. It needs to be fairly precise so that we can join them up into blankets. But it doesnt matter what stitch you use, whether its chunky wool or not.

      I think I may do a blog on it at beeswax and broomsticks this afternoon!


  2. Am just about to start, having found luminous pink wool in my local wool shop and encouraged the staff to put up a window display in pink centring on woolagainstweapons. Good Luck to all of us!

    • Hey Maggie – thank you so much!!!!! I love it – it’s inspired me to do the same in Stroud! Oh that luminous pink is going to sing out!!!

    • Oh, I LOVE IT!!! Completely insane….but what a laugh – think of how much traffic we would hold up?? Seriously though, why don’t we take it up there after Aldermaston? Be great publicity! Where else could it go??

    • Hi Chris – well, there’s always room for a little bit of secret anarchy, so will leave it up to you! I get it about pink – I am going to be dreaming in pink soon…… would love it if you could knit something though! xx

  3. Wow – count me in! I did my bit to get rid of Cruise Missiles at Greenham by supporting the womin and the camps. I remember how pretty and sometimes tired the fence looked after a weekend! Now to get started . .

    • Hi William, great to hear from you! Thanks so much for being in touch – I love it that so many of the Greenham crowd are joining in, so welcome! Let us know how you get on – hey, a pic of you and the work in progress would be fab – might encourage more men to sign up!!! xx

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  5. Great to meet you yesterday Jaine! Really inspired and can’t wait for charity shops to open tomorrow to go on a pink wool hunt. Already spread the news to Norfolk and beyond …….. Pink madness so exciting – love the idea of taking it all to Faslane.

    • Hi Grace, good to meet you too….thanks for joining in! Oh yes, pink madness indeed – let me know how you get on! Love Jaine xx

  6. Hi, I am so happy to have found you, I have been wanting something to knit, and now I have it, fantastic. What a brilliant idea….going to dig out my any pink wool now, cant wait to start!! lots of love mary xx

    • Hi Mary, that’s fantastic….how did you find us? Am in awe of the networking going on, especially by the Quakers. So glad you are joining us, let us know how you get on!

      love Jaine xx

      • Hi, I only just saw your reply, sorry :) I found you on face book, it’s such a brilliant thing!
        I now have 4 pieces finished and a new one on the go, will send the 4 off soon.
        Lots of love to all x

    • Hey Sandy!

      Well, in the true spirit of anarchy – I think ‘go for it’ – purple will look dazzling on the day and will make us smile!!!! Jaine xx

  7. just been looking out my pink wool will knit a piece its double knit how many sts do i cast on. Happy knitting too all Irene

    • Hi Irene, thanks for joining us! Double knit will need approx 90 stitches to come out as a 60cm length – it’s tricky to be exact because everyone’s tension is different, but don’t worry too much! Let us know how you get on…Jaine x

  8. Just to let you know my scarf is getting there! It’s plain and nowhere near as gorgeous as those on your site! But it’s another metre in pink and I know even us beginners at crochet can help. :)

  9. Just to let you know my scarf is getting there! It’s plain and nowhere near as gorgeous as those on your site! But it’s another metre in pink and I know even us beginners at crochet can help. :)

  10. What happened to the photo of all the scarves on the washing line that Mick sent you ??????????Pauline from Wales and all the Welsh ladies are waiting to see it on this site.

    • Hi Pauline, apologies – am drowning in woolliness – it went up on Facebook straight away and was much admired, but will be up on the website very soon….well done for giving me a nudge!! Check out the website later today! Jaine xxxxx

  11. Hi Jaine
    Just wondered if you received my email with the zip file of photos of the knitting I’ve done. Just wondering what you want me to do with them (up to 14 now I think), stitch them together/ keep them until next year/send them to you?

  12. What a fantastic selection of scarves, It will be a wonderful sight when they are all joined up . We are still knitting here in Carmarthen and hope to bring you some more next year. best wishes from Pauline T.

  13. Hi, my friend Jan just sent me this link,I’ll scavenge my wool stocks in the attic to see if I can find some pink wool. Not my usual colour but I get the impression that other colours are ok as long as they’re tied together by pink?
    I’ll also look at granny squares knitted by my mother to find something suitable – she’s stopped knitting now, at age 86, but I still have squares she crochetted.

    the whole thing will look amazing – so many beautiful sections posted already.
    many thanks,
    Lynne, Folkestone.

    • Hi Lynne,

      So sorry that you haven’t had a reply from me yet – there has been a naughty gremlin in the system which is fixed now, and here I am! Thanks for all your messages and support – fantastic! Did you find any granny squares from your mother? Yes, it will look pretty extraordinary draped across the countryside in August, but even better when it is stitched into blankets, which are so needed. Getting very excited about that part of the project. Did you decide to knit words? They would be in Landscape if possible. Any word pieces might well be displayed on the main gate for the press to see. We are also making an enormous knitted banner – we have charts made up, each knitter does a couple of letters each – if you are interested we still need knitters for these special pieces. Let me know!

      Sending love and best woolly wishes,

      Jaine Rose xx

  14. Hi I just thought of a question. Am I right in thinking the 1m dimension is the length, so the writing I’m planning should be “landscape” rather than “portrait”?
    many thanks

  15. Just spell bound by the variety of all the knitting to be linked up …. totally fab, and your postie looks lovely, hope he is getting a bonus for all the work he and his team are doing delivering to you. I will be setting up in Totnes market most Saturday afternoons with posters and my knitting to spread the word.., it is wonderful to be able to see how many people are busy and so many happy doggies and cats snuggling down at peace… rock on the World!!

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  17. This is the third time I have tried to comment and am hoping this one appears! I only found out about this fabulous project last Saturday and have now knitted 70 cms of my first piece. I have recruited a bunch of friends for a Knit and Natter Night, some of them will be learning to knit for the first time, and we are all committed to sending you as much as we can by June.
    I’ve also mentioned you in my blog and am hoping readers will also knit.
    All the best to you,

    • Hi Sally! Wow, that’s some pretty fast knitting going on there – now you see, I have this theory that cake powers our needles, so your blog has quite inspired me there – yummy looking cake. Thanks so much for your lovely enthusiasm and support! Jaine xxx

      • Hello again! How would you like our pieces, in ones and twos as they get done or sewn together in sections?
        We are loving the inspiration form all the pieces that you are showing on here. There are some very skilled knitters out there and their work is wonderful! :)

        • Hi Sally, thanks so much for all your knitting support – would you join them if you are able? That would be fab! Can you bring them down on the day, or perhaps drop them off at a collection point? There are some city centre Lush stores that are collecting now. We can work it out, in the meantime a massive thank you! Jaine xxx

          • We can certainly join them up – we have 17 now! I don’t think our Lush in Truro is collecting. Where could we drop the pieces off if none of us can be there on the day? We know several people going up to England over the next month! Any chance you could reply to my email so that I get it asap. Thank you!

          • Hi Sally, hopefully you got my email – I am asking Lush in Truro if they can collect, and will get someone coming this way to swing by. Will get back to you on that one!

  18. For the first time for over thirty years I’m knitting, and so are more of us in Dudley Green Party – we’re even thinking of a knit-in in a cafe sitting not far away from where our MP (tory) holds her monthly public (no appointment necessary) surgery. Love the photos of the beautiful offerings and all your beautiful encouraging comments about them. Thank you for starting this Ms Pinky!

    • Ha! Ms Pinky here – thank you for your fab message Pam, and I love what you are doing. Perhaps a cheeky photo of you knitting would be fun. The best would be to stroll on over to your Tory MP’s surgery and ask them if they really are going to spend £120 billion on a weapon rather than healthcare and education. Invite the local paper, think they would love that! Thanks so much for your support – all power to your needles sister! Jaine xx

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    • bonjour Jean Marie, Nice de vous entendre, et je suis heureux que vous nous rejoindrez dans notre protestation. Ce serait bien d’en savoir plus sur ce que vous avez fait en tant que groupe en France, et peut-être une photo de notre site Web. Meilleurs voeux et merci, Jaine Rose x

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